Copyright2012’s Wish List

Friendly reminder:
Please no Winnie the Pooh (it will not likely get used-ever) Same goes with Sponge Bob
No Lavender scented anything, It makes my mommy ill, and we do not want that to happen, in fact, I prefer unscented and dye-free stuff
No latex anything, my mommy is allergic to that
No food/drinks containing peanuts.

I am in size 8 clothes right now, and I currently wear size 2 shoes.

Things I enjoy right now:
Online school
Jiu Jitsu Class
I love red, with a close second of blue

Eating new foods
I love Music (A song that gets stuck in my head right now is “Never Gonna Give You Up”)
Cars/trains/trucks, pretty much any vehicles

Duct tape
White dress shirts (size 8)
You can never have too many Thomas mini trains
LEGO sets, any kind
Tickets to a Cubs-Cards game

—Updated December 2020—

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