Marcia’s Wish List

Nap time
Circular sock knitting machine
Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds from
Cakewich Sandwich Cake Mold
Fetus Cookie Cutter
iTunes credits
suspenders-there are some fun “ruler” suspenders at Farm King I have my eye on
Warm soft socks
Wingtip Shoes-Dr Martens  3989 size UK 6 (black and white)
Red Converse Boots (the ones that go up to the knee)
Mini Cooper
Smart Car
BMW Isetta
La Santa Biblia with footnotes 2009 printing
Handel’s Messiah sheet music for the complete oratorio
Socks that look like shoes
Orange Tachikara SV-5WSC Volleyball

Fruity Cheerios
Cinnamon Life

can’t have milk anymore…
milk free chocolates
Golden Oreos

Movies on DVD:
Brady Bunch season 4
Flight of the Navigator (for now we can watch our VHS copy or Disney+ has it too)

Series of Unfortunate Events 3 The Wide Window
Series of Unfortunate Events 6 The The Ersatz Elevator
Series of Unfortunate Events 8 The Hostile Hospital
Series of Unfortunate Events 9 The Carnivorous Carnival
Series of Unfortunate Events 10 The Slippery Slope
Series of Unfortunate Events 11 The Grim Grotto
Series of Unfortunate Events 12 The Penultimate Peril
Heck – Where the Bad Kids Go:
     Snivel – the Fifth Circle of Heck
     Precocia – the Sixth Circle of Heck
     Wise Acres – the Seventh Circle of Heck
     Sadia – the Eighth Circle of Heck
     *Dupli-City – the Ninth Circle Of Heck* if it ever gets published – I hope it does, the books are fun, and HET agrees!
The Baby Sitters Club Books (have #1-4, and #45)

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