This is Jacob and Marcia’s corner of the internet.  Once we get married (on November 4, 2006), it will be our family website, but until then it’s just the website of two people who happen to really like each other.

About us:

We are both in our mid-20s, living in West-Central Illinois.  Jacob has a degree in computer science with a minor in music and runs a computer software and technology consulting business.  Marcia has a degree in Spanish and is currently the innkeeper at a very nice bed-and-breakfast.  We both enjoy movies, marching bands, and bicycling (but I’m faster!).

More to come later…

Update 9 October 2010

Jacob decided to go to Grad School in January, and he teaches a freshman level class as part of his assistance-ship.  Marcia is subbing at a preschool and loves to hear what the little ones can come up with.  We are two months shy of meeting our first-born.  Neither of us are in our twenties any longer.  This summer we purchased our first home, and we love it here.

Exciting things to come…

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Marcia! I got into El Paso last night and am trying to update my phone number, but it’s not working. So I sent out a phone number to people in the Macomb ward that is now obsolete. Love tech glitches.
    Had a good trip. Hope you’re doing great!

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