Copyright2010’s Wish List

Please no Winnie the Pooh (it will not likely get used-ever) Same goes with Sponge Bob
No Lavender scented anything, It makes my mommy ill, and we do not want that to happen, in fact, MY skin needs unscented and dye-free stuff
No latex anything, my mommy is allergic to that

NO foods/drinks containing apple.  No pineapple.  No sunflower seeds. No shrimp/shellfish.  NO cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts, or any tree nuts.

I am in 3T size clothes (my dresses are 4T-5T so they are long enough), and size 6 shoes.


Things I enjoy right now

Brushing/flossing teeth
Experimenting with duct tape and electrical tape
Stacking dolls
Shiny things
Ear rings
Cheerios – many flavors
Cool mint Oreos
Painting my nails
I love music!  (My favorite right now is the London Philharmonic Choir Performing the complete Handel’s Messiah)
I love ping pong balls (likely I would enjoy any kind of ball no smaller than a ping pong ball)
I love buttons
I am having lots of fun pretending to cook and eat
I love bright colors-mostly red and florescent yellow, I love  to say purple and yellow
I am learning some sign language with Signing Time (I own series 1 volumes 1-13 and series 2 volumes 1-13 & Potty Time)
I enjoy Sesame Street – especially Elmo and Abby Cadaby
I like when Mommy puts my hair in pony-tails and she uses cute mini-barettes
(she finds them at the dollar store)



Socks/tights (Ones that look like shoes are adorable!)
Church dresses (The longer the better or with bloomers-for some reason Mom and Dad do not want my tookus/butt/diaper hanging out)
Warm pajamas (one piece fleece or flannel)
Duct Tape -you can never have too much
Sheets (for crib/toddler bed and pack-n-play)
Toy foods/dishes


Other fun items

There are many fun things on that would be fun, some might even be useful.  (Here are some examples)
—Wooden Puzzle Stacker

There are many fun things on that would be fun, some might even be useful.  (Here are some examples)
—Ani-Mates Animal Nesting Dolls
—Frame It! Picture Frame Tape Kit
—Lil’ Sprout Growth Chart
—Wheel of Responsibility
—New Parents’ Fun Book
—Food Face Dinner Plate
—Don’t Kill the Kids Notepad


One thought on “Copyright2010’s Wish List”

  1. Those are all cute things but where is the real wish list? Swing, bouncer, breat pads (if your nursing), boob cream, bottles ( if your not), crib sheets, play pen, etc etc. The real stuff you will need and use everyday. What do you already have and what do u still need?

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