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Jul '15

Science Subjects for Research Papers

Permit at the least 90 units inbetween flights.

You might not make certain of what to do to get publicity when you are starting out as a writer. You’ve received good critiques out of your household and if like most, you experience your writing skills are sufficient, then may the drive be along with you. However, there’s more than simply getting the household to learn that which you need to declare to publishing. You already know just that earning money is the key at the day’s end. You may contemplate beginning a website and find out where that takes you. After some weeks blogging and a several articles, you will understand that blogging is not enough. You should discover methods for getting individuals to visit your blog and optimistic get return visitors. From the occasion you begin to get people to abandon comments on your own site, you’re previously a couple of months down the line.

As an example: don’t say: consume fats.

By this time, you have not gained one dollar. Desperation might start to set in and you might opt to give up your dream. That is regrettably the truth of the who choose to earn a living publishing online. There is no straightforward approach to http://samedayessays.org/essay-help/ take about this. It will both be your own time. Some people who could not be troubled to hold back for what to occur blog with compensated articles or have only compensated to swiftly fill their websites. The concept will be to pay anyone to compose your articles.

Non-essential government offices that are are shut.

Not everybody can afford to spend countless bucks merely to complete an internet site. Why almost all create their own material, that’s. Others decided to enter publishing opposition to create a little income and obtain further identification. Properly, let us talk about writing competition. A couple of years before, I registered several compensated websites about track competition. I composed the words; did the remix and set them into music; downloaded and I settled to engage my music. I waited and waited and waited. Mine was not on the checklist although I received a contact listing the very best 3 melodies. I used to be dissatisfied and thought I had wasted money and my time.

So i only get fatter! all well….

The next month I obtained a message inviting me to take part in another opposition, I did sonot actually bother, the email was simply wiped by me. I then did a research, hoping to find out what happened to winners that are previous. Properly, nothing! You get your competitors and you also get some good motivation that is personal nevertheless, you never become popular. You might at the very least say you won a singing competition. The true winners are the coordinators. They’re assured a continual revenue as long as the kind of you and me keep paying to take part in their competitions.

Inform us everything you understand below.

Does this analogy imply in writing contests or tournaments, you shouldn’t participate? Not quite! Publishing isn’t audio but you will find similarities in regards to contests. Competitions that are publishing are good as you get to test oneself against writers that are different. They can help develop your abilities and place you in contact with different authors in related condition. You will also learn to create against deadlines. You will learn how to create to the purpose and easily. There are various benefits to playing writing competitions.

Expression difficulties and visual portrayal problems will also be frequent in these tests.

However, you shouldn’t get carried away. You must comprehend the sport in order for it to valuable. Listed here are several details that you will need to keep in mind. Cash: do not purchase the chance if you would like to participate in opposition or any publishing contests. Because you want to make recurring money, you are publishing as well as the probabilities you will eliminate are huge. It’s nothing with how superior your writing is, to do. Writing is subjective, the panel both wants what you create or not. Just how can they decide solely according to your type? That is what it is about.

On the range right after the day, you ought to form your report’s name.

They either like it. Some writers have not been unfortunate to get gained numerous publishing contests. They’re the exception rather than the principle. There’s somebody just like great as you although you could be good. Rights: Beware of essayhelp competitions and Games that take over the article’s title. If you http://samedayessays.org/essay-help/ were to get, this is a different event. Where the winner gets better or 200 pounds still 200 Pounds as an example, you entered a competitiveness. If you were to write a 500 phrases article and also you acquired 200 Euros’ initial reward, which will be great income for this kind of quick article.

They also understand every aspect that is single by center.

There should be not a problem in giving the rights up for your report. Nonetheless, you also are asked to stop the rights for your post and in the event you lost, then think. That is losing twice. Some contests may offer you about 5 to 10 pounds should they like it to purchase your report. You’ll have to determine if you like this kind of up fee and provide away your article. There’s on the subject of this no proper or inappropriate. By the way, 5 or 10 pounds is actually a better present than nothing.

Be assured like before but also exhibit her that you will be not unintelligent.

Listed here is a set of websites offering writing contests and tournaments. I merely chose a few which have no engagement charge although this record is noncomprehensive. The competition is named “Merely Back”: Crime Writing Competition Potential writer’s competition: Opposition that is traveling: Individuals who generate income will be the coordinators as mentioned previously. If you feel up-to it you might wish to arrange your own personal publishing opposition. You’ll have to have a website, income a payment method to incentive champions etc. There is not less to your publishing contest than starting a website. In case you are decided enough, there’s no reasons why you shouldn’t offer a try to it. You could visit with other websites presenting writing contests to have some inspirations. Keep in mind that money is double and money incentives will travel more people to your site.

Notetaking is granted on every one of the elements.

Should you choosenot have enough money, that will also be a problem. You could get folks addicted-to your website and so they would need one to continue. Just what exactly would you do? That’s why through before you begin, you must assume it. Writing games are fun and you also may learn a great deal about oneself and about publishing from their store.

Jul '15

Is Doctor Oz right about avocado oil

It assessments how correct and rapidly your writing is.

–> Firstly, cautiously research and research your subject material. Believe it all through cautiously, WHAT you are going to HOW and say you are planning to claim it. I really believe of creating a good interesting post, the quality Is with a touch, although convenience (or can or not it’s “dash” of the Uncommon). Generally aim in your writing for clarity and convenience. Just how long should your guide be? Written down for journals that are popular or newspapers the Period is probably around 500-750 words (or anyone to 2 pages). I would much instead read 1000-word report giving Data I would be helped by that, when compared to a breezy 3000 Term post of waffle that doesn’t say much at-all. Generally make an effort to put oneself while in the location of the reader.

But often, doing so can lead to writeris stop and therefore slow the publishing method down.

After completion, reread your guide a number of situations. Polish it by changing words and phrases, up. Ensure that your article flows quickly and easily. Normally if articles is not too short the reader can quickly Drop focus and give up. Analyze your phrases and sentences carefully to Ensure that the words flow. One idea, designed should be dealt with by a passage In one or even more sentences that logically Advances the details you are currently attempting to produce, put meaning or acquire thestory you’re telling (the plot). Generally try and produce your meaning distinct. Make sure your paragraphs are well-structured and That the syntax iscorrect. One’s article’s very first phrases are of significance that is vital To seize yourreader’s attention.

The author express professionalism will be helped by stopping using a respectful ending.

You’re doing a “marketing” work to lure them to learn more – so make the viewer want to read more. Produce your topic rationally. Carefully prepare what You are planning to say. Create a listing of your main items. Subsequently advance from to a different (logically), so They cause a conclusion. For instance ” that… and is why I believe the source management Act will work for the setting that is local.” or ” why I believe all accountants and, and that’s Actuaries should really be set in tangible and used as Traffic bollards ” Oops sorry actuaries and accountants! Are you aware what an actuary is? An accountant who did not possess the persona!

It is a descent worth acquiring.bernard f.

A Typical Example Of An Article Eg: You are authoring the rising recognition of home computers. Establish four or five main points: essays for you say, Cost that is * * who’s getting them * how they’re being used and * implications for the future. In a quick article each one of these things would have been a passage. In a guide that is longer, the points is likely to be produced. Prepare your points rationally. You are able to contain sub-factors under each primary place. Within the example on computers you might contain: * word processing * video games Balances that are * and * schoolwork. You can find three principal elements of any post.

Marley and his mother shifted a tiny ghetto in kingstown, to trenchtown in 1957.

Your guide must have an introduction. This presents the matter and the audience. Then the article’s primary body which consists most of an article. This then brings rationally to realization or a final reduction. This really is primarily a summary of all the main points mentioned before. I believe the main element to composing posts that are good is based on great PLANNING. Obtaining your content and thinking clearly. Commit a quiet time thinking before pen was also arranged by you to document. Request inspiration.

This ccdh confirms your expertise of using cloudera, on the fundamentals.

Your report must remedy a very’s five questions Inquisitive person: WHO WHAT WHERE HOW and WHEN I have just recalled I best essay writing used to generate dad’dilly’ with Once I was a kid, these issues. “Curious little bugger!” When I stated, the concept and your first terms are of Your audience’s focus to be grabbed by essential relevance. Make sure they are desire to read more. Acquire your topic detail by detail – the like building of it’s A brick by packet. Approach how you’re, and everything you are planning to claim Planning to say it. Make a listing of your primary items. Then elaborate in it. Advance practically, normally and efficiently from To a different, in order that they lead to a conclusion.

This can be sometimes more significant in summaries working with posts within the humanities.

I’m repeating myself, not from senility… But http://samedayessays.org/essay-writing/ also for Impact. Additionally saves me the problem of editing! Have a robust overview to round your post off. Once you learn exactly how you are currently going to end off, the easier you’ll design the content as being a Full. Like starting with a little bit of clay then, it is Moulding it. You are adding somewhat of, your own personal touch Your character, your thoughts that are own and Creativity of life for the sculpture. It is a bit of the real you developing – somewhat of you as well as your distinctive “masterpiece of design” is being expressed to the world.

It’s best not worst to achieve this outdoors.

DISPLAY Not merely one of my strong details, but listed below are a few Points to help you! # Provide work on A4 # Sort on-one area of the site simply. # Use “double-space” between lines. # Leave a of at the least 1 inch (25cm) each Part, bottom and top. # Possess A Title-Page together with the brand of the writer on it. Enables you to experience not quite humble of your’little effort’! # Use a Header with all the Name, Your Name and Site No. Much simpler writing for the internet and being Printed on the net.

It truly is like a low-budget massage.

No Cutting down trees, therefore the “greenies” must be very happy. OTHER TIPS I firmly believe writing articles must be Amusing along with informative. I shoot for that In my own writing STYLE. Don’t too personal – place in minor stories about yourself. Additionally don’t be fearful to precise ideas that are personal on issues. (I must figure out how to preserve quiet sometimes!) Why not begin producing that post. You could even observe that report released. Observing my first article on the net gave an enjoyment that was large to me. Today use your resourcefulness towards the highest and content writing.

Teresa also enrolled alicia in guitar lessons when she was only 7.

Maybe I might even see your name inprint. Good luck and content publishing Lock Writing Class REGARDING THE AUTHOR Lock

Jul '15

Review Template

Congress is anxious that obama can make a deal that simply sets iranis nuclear plan onhold.

Edit Article How exactly to Buy Contacts To Your Digital SLR If youare one of many millions of people who’ve ordered your first DSLR camera, youare possibly in a dilemma in regards to what kind of lenses to buy. Here is a fast information to lenses. Advertisement Measures Realize the vocabulary before you get: “Wide-angle” is generally considered any focal-length below 35mm, and demonstrates a wide subject of view. “Standard” or “mid-range” focal plans therefore are closer to exactly what the human eye perceives, and could range to around 80mm. The “telephoto” range is generally regarded as any focal length from greater and around 85mm, and is used to make matters look closer. A “primary” lens has just one focal-length, such as a lens. A “zoom” lens covers numerous focal plans, and is described (like) being an 18-55mm lens, indicating it covers a variety from wide angle (at 18mm) to mid range (at 55mm). Advertising Determine your need: After using your camera with whatsoever lenses you’ve currently, you could find that you can’t get the photographs you desire since your topic is often too much away, or your subject may typically be too-large to have everything in the photograph. Or, perhaps your overall contact’s image-quality is bad.

Databases can also be considered a strong kind to activate mental performance.

That will assist you figure out which lens to purchase. Mid-range zoom: It Is A contact having a focal-length of around 18-70mm. You will possibly use it. Thankfully, all designers offer a “equipment” contact within this variety, should you purchase it & most discount it greatly. The optical quality is generally hardly bad for that value. It’s more or less a no-brainer — get it. Telephoto zoom: That Is probably the contact you will purchase next.

Recommendations give the viewers assurance that service or your product is not illegitimate.

Widely used for activities nature photography, or if you want to have a “close-up” of a remote thing. Wide angle focus: get-out your wallet — you will find no bargains here. WA zooms are complicated to produce and top-dollar’ll be paid by you’ll. A10-20mm will cost about as much as you paidfor the camera, but the results are worthwhile (assuming you want the exaggerated mathematical consequences, which tend to make folks appear http://samedayessays.org/term-paper/ just odd). Because very few individuals can spend out to get a WA zoom, your very- vast pix will definitely standout. “Regular” lens: A lens that covers a moderate direction of view is easy to design to perform properly at wide apertures with cheap products. There is to 50mm f/1.7 http://samedayessays.org/term-paper/ – f/2 lens a 35 great for images and low light.

Lastly, you need to have fun and be content.

For whatever cause the 50mm is custom term paper usually much cheaper; it’ll provide a somewhat more narrow position of take on consumer (little) DSLRs and work on movie and total -framework digital too. It will have image-quality that is exceptional. Quality: practically all prime lenses are much better than a contact lens that includes the key length that is same. Likewise, a contact that zooms from wide-angle to telephoto sacrifices image quality to offer convenience. One- process: A mid-range focus for example an 18-55mm or 24- 70mm will protect many images you will want to get. Light and simple to use photographers generally use a lens in this assortment, known as their “walkabout” contact. Two- method: in case you merely wish to hold two contacts, work with a wide-angle move as an 18-55mm, and pair it having a great telephoto, such as a 75-300mm. You will find several contacts with prices that differ extensively and image quality, in each of these stages. This can offer you coverage from wide angle through telephoto.

An overview provides the trail map for your research-paper writing work to you.

Finished. Advertisement Your help could be truly used by us! Can you inform US about Makeup Styles? Yes No Makeup Models HOWTO do pin-up or rockabilly makeup Can you inform US about Adobe Photoshop? Yes No Adobe Photoshop How exactly to utilize the twist resource in Photoshop Can you reveal about Residence construction? Yes No House development HOWTO build a roof Can you reveal about Excel? Yes No Excel How exactly to copy paste tab-delimited text into Exceed For helping cheers! Please tell us all you know about …

Have a look at the sample reports have been in your expected ticket type or not.

Tell whatever you learn here to us. Remember, more detail is not worsen. Recommendations Provide Particulars. Please be as comprehensive as you can inside your explanation. Do not be worried about format! We’ll care for it. As an example: Do not say: Eat fats. Do claim: Incorporate fats with a few vitamins and minerals towards the meals you previously consume.

Under that heading, choose “2.0” spacing.use 12- point font.

Attempt butter, coconut oil, avocado. Publish Tips EBay is a superb supply for contacts for digital SLRis. But be sure to do not overpay and are eBay knowledgeable to get the best specials. Research completed deals to view just what there is a great value for the contact you’re currently trying to find. Make friends along with your local merchants. Visit numerous shops and get the same queries at each to discover who only wants to get your money, and who will tell the truth to you. Communicate with people of your local camera club (find them on line). They’re usually hardly unapproachable and ready to accept assisting beginners. There are always a amount of Net those sites that provide research and products and assessment lenses.

Ruskin bond is definitely an indian author of british ancestry.

Search for opinions on these sites from standard people, not just experts. Watch out for contacts with modest optimum apertures (f5.6 and smaller). While they may be cheaper, your capability to throw in low-light is restricted by them. Additionally they cannot cloud the back ground of a picture as well. Generally, you get everything you buy. But simply large springs in price carry obvious jumps in image quality. Several DSLRs are quite pleased using outdated lenses. Discover if it performs on your own new camera, before you eBay your old gear!

Sep '14

Miscarriage Long Story Part 1 – Why?

Why do we feel the need to share about our miscarriage?

There are multiple reasons.

1-I find some kind of relief in writing about my feelings in regards to this.

I have learned some things about myself in this process. I should say learning, because I am still learning from this. One thing I have learned is that I am a private person. I knew this before, but I did not realize just how private I am. This has made me keep pretty extra closed off. Along with that I’ve learned how nice it has been to get my thoughts out of my head and “on paper.” It has helped me to think things through. It has helped me to not only have it in my head, thus making it easier to not only dwell on my thoughts and emotions. I have also learned that I can do/endure hard things, and having the experience written down allows me to go back and read it to find that strength again when I may be feeling less than strong.

2-I hope to be a support or help or whatever the word is for someone else.

I have discovered that reading about other people going through a miscarriage has helped me feel a sense of unity. I may not know exactly what they feel in any given moment, but I can empathize. And there is a comfort in knowing that we are not alone. And if by telling our story, maybe we can help anyone else, that (would not “make it worth the experience”) would mean I have found something positive to come out of the experience.

3-I want there to be a documentation of my experience with this. For my own record keeping. For anyone out there who will search for what to expect. For my daughter to someday read.

Like I said in the first reason, I will be able to read my own words and gain strength when I might need it. And if for some reason I have to go through this again, I may be a support to myself. I want this to be out there for others that will go through it in the future. When we discovered that the pregnancy was in danger, we both searched the internet looking for stories of what to expect. I only found one person’s account of her miscarriage that had any detail. And even that was pretty vague. I wanted to know how painful and what kinds of grossness was I likely to see. I could not find it. I will share it. Don’t worry I will put a warning at the beginning of the section when I get to that point. I guess my son can read it someday too, and he probably will, but not likely until he has a baby on the way and gets curious. Mostly though, I want my daughter to know that miscarriages are real, and they happen, and they are sad and hard, and if she ever has one she will have support and if/when any of her friends have one she will know to be kind and love them along the way.

4-I want to tell our story because I hope that someday someone might read this and feel some compassion. Maybe for me. Maybe for their sister. Maybe for a person they barely know.

I want the world to be a better, kinder, softer, more loving place. And if we can find compassion in our hearts for the suffering of those around us, we can improve the world one person at a time.

5-I hope that in telling our story we might be able to encourage others to share their stories.

I searched and searched for days trying to find any stories that might help me get mentally prepared for what was about to happen physically. I know it is private. I know it makes us feel vulnerable and exposed. I get it. But I still wish I had been able to find more information. Miscarriages are way more common than we think. When I made the last post, I also put it on Facebook. I won’t post the exact number, because some were private messages to me, but there were many replies of women who have been there. I have been pleasantly surprised at the supportive responses. And I just have to ask myself how much more support and love would I have been able to feel if I had let people in throughout the process. Please, if you have been there, share your story too.

6-I want to share right now because we hope to try again.

Obviously we do not know when we might be able to achieve pregnancy again, please don’t ask us. If/when the time is right we will share. With that said, we both felt pretty early on in the miscarriage process that we should write about it. We kept it very private for a couple months. And because we wanted to share it I want to have it out there before I attempt to be pregnant. I don’t want to be ruminating over what was lost while hoping for what might be.

7-The last reason why that I will mention is that I feel so bad for the person who had the misfortune of being the first person to ask me if I was pregnant since we lost the baby.

And maybe, just maybe this will help another person not ask. A good rule of thumb is to wait and let a pregnant lady tell you herself.

Sep '14

Of all the health challenges of the summer, this was the worst

My body was not interested in cooperating.

I became pregnant anyway.

We got our hopes up.

Our baby was due February 4th.

We had our hopes smashed.

Our baby died and we have had a miscarriage.

We were almost 11 weeks along.

It is sad.

We are recovering and surviving.

This is the short story. We will be sharing the long version of the story in multiple parts.

Jan '14

Book Review: The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande

One of my personal goals for 2014 is to read a new book every couple of weeks. This is the second book I’ve read this year. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, by Atul Gawande.

Why did I read this?

I read this because I first read Atul Gawande’s article The New Yorker, titled simply The Checklist. The article was surprisingly captivating, so when I found out that Gawande had expanded the article into a full book, I had to read it.


The Checklist Manifesto is subtitled “How to get things right,” which is  a good summation of the book all by itself. It examines scenarios that are prone to human error, even when those humans are experts at the top of their fields, and how the simple use of a checklist can greatly reduce the error in those situations.

Drawing on examples from aviation, construction, medicine (the author is a surgeon “in real life”), investment banking, and other fields, Gawande shows how checklists have been used to eliminate error.

He describes being recruited by the World Health Organization (WHO) to come up with a plan to improve surgical outcomes worldwide. They decide to experiment with a checklist, asking surgeons in some hospitals to use a pre-surgery checklist in their operating rooms. After Dr. Gawande tries using the checklist himself in his own practice, he finds it cumbersome, confusing, and impractical. He takes a trip to Seattle, where he visits with Daniel Boorman, a Boeing technical fellow, who is responsible for the creation of checklists used by pilots flying Boeing’s airliners.

(Checklists as a tool for professional discipline were born from aviation, even from Boeing: In 1935, a pilot demonstrating Boeing’s newly designed bomber to the Army Air Corps crashed on takeoff, killing himself and two others. He crashed because he had forgotten to release a lock on the airplane’s elevator and rudder controls. The airplane was dismissed as “too much plane for one man to fly,” and the military nearly ended the project. Test pilots, however, thought the airplane was marvelous, and worked together to solve the “too much plane” problem. Their solution was to create a simple set of checklists: One for before takeoff, one for flight, one for approach, and one for landing. With checklists in hand, the test pilots then flew the airplane more than 1.8 Million miles without a single accident. The army ordered 13,000 airplanes, and dubbed it the B-17, now one of the most celebrated bombers in military aviation history.)

Boorman teaches Gawande some of the important things Boeing has learned about checklists: They should use natural breaks in the workflow. They should be relatively short (5-9 items). They should be printed in black & white in a sans-serif font….And more. Boorman then takes Gawande into a hyper-realistic flight simulator, helps him taxi the airplane to a runway and take off, all using the same checklists that pilots use. Then, as their flight ascends through 20,000 feet, a warning light comes on in the cockpit. Gawande’s airplane has a door that appears to not be latched properly. This situation can be deadly (In 1989, this exact situation led to an “explosive decompression” of a United Airlines 747, killing 9 passengers). Gawande, remembering his few minutes of pre-flight training, grabs an emergency procedures book, turns quickly to the checklist for the DOOR FWD CARGO warning light, and follows it. Their simulation flight is able to land safely.

(As an aside, I’m totally jealous that Gawande got to “fly” a full motion 777 simulator. I would LOVE to do that.)

Gawande takes his newfound understanding back to the WHO, where they redesign their surgical checklists following Boeing’s principles, and run a test in 8 hospitals around the world. The results are astounding. They achieve double-digit percentage reductions in complications, infections, and other scary surgical by-products, including death. By his calculations, during the three-month trial in 8 hospitals, the checklists prevented 27 unnecessary deaths.

In the end, Gawande describes an incident in his own operating room where, by his own description, he tore a patient’s vena cava (the largest vein in your body, which bring blood from most of your lower half to your heart). The bleeding was, in Dr. Gawande’s own words, “terrifying.” In seconds, he had opened the patient’s abdomen and chest completely, and was holding his heart in his hands, pumping blood through it while another doctor put pressure on the torn vein. The patient was losing blood a rate measurable in gallons.

One of the items on the surgeon’s pre-incision checklist is to discuss with the operating room team the possible blood loss in the operation. Then, the head nurse calls and confirms that the hospital’s blood bank has enough blood ready to use to cover the worst case scenario (the blood bank is supposed to do this already, without the nurse having to make the call). Gawande’s team had followed the checklist. When the nurse called the blood bank, it was discovered that the blood for this operation was not ready, so the operation was held up a few minutes while the blood bank prepared.

Now, Gawande has the patient’s heart in his hands, and can feel it emptying out like a deflating balloon, and in seconds, the blood from the blood bank is being transfused into the patient. The blood that wouldn’t have been ready to use if the team hadn’t followed its checklist.

By the time the vein is repaired and the patient’s heart is beating on its  own again, 30 “units” of blood have been transfused (keep this in mind: an adult body holds about 10 units: This patient bled 3 times his own blood volume). The patient lived, and while there were some side effects of the incident, recovered. Dr. Gawande is 100% certain that without the checklist, the patient would have died on the operating table while they waited precious minutes for the blood bank.

What did I think?

It’s hard to imagine a subject duller than checklists. Yet Gawande is a good writer, and fills the book with powerful narratives. Whether recounting incredible medical recoveries, telling what happened in the cockpit of USAir 1493 as it crash-landed in the Hudson river, or describing the qualities of a well-written checklist, his writing is engaging.

As for the book’s subtitle “How to get things right,” we’re given a few insights into how to get things right in our own worlds, like the difference between simple, complicated, and complex tasks, and how checklists can (and can’t) help with each (For example, there will be no checklist for raising a child, but there can be one for making sure a child has good nutrition), but I would have liked a little more of the “how to” material.

Ultimately, I was surprised that I found The Checklist Manifesto hard to put down, and when I turned the last page, I wanted to read more.

Would I recommend it?

Here’s the test: Go read The Checklist. If you enjoy it, you’ll like The Checklist Manifesto. I did.

Jan '14

Book Review: The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg

One of my personal goals for 2014 is to read a new book every couple of weeks. I started the year off with Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit.

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

Why did I read this?

I first became interesting in this book after hearing two interviews with the author. The first from NPR, and the second from Ramit Sethi. I think psychology is interesting, even more if I can use an understanding of that psychology to help reach my goals, or help others reach theirs.

What did I think?

The Power of Habit is easy reading. It is largely anecdotal, sharing its message in narrative form. When the book tells of someone who acquired, broke, or changed a habit, it tells their story. When it talks of the psychology/neurology behind the habit, it tells the story of how the science was conducted and the conclusions discovered. When it speaks of powerful organizational and social change that can happen because of habits, it tells stories of companies, churches, and nations who have done exactly that. Some of the stories include:

  • How a woman gave up smoking and drinking in one day
  • How another woman slowly acquired a multi-million dollar gambling addiction over the course of years, encouraged by a casino that understood the psychology of her habits far better than she did
  • How an alcoholic learned about the principles of habit formation and used them to start the largest organization dedicated to positive personal change in the world
  • How Alcoa aluminum multiplied its profits 5x by focusing on an organizational habit that had nothing to do with sales, margins, shareholder value, or even profit
  • How Michael Phelps set a world record in the 200-meter butterfly at the 2008 Olympics despite an “equipment malfunction” which left him blind for most of the race
  • How the habits of individuals and groups contributed to the Montgomery bus boycott, and ultimately the civil rights movement of the 1960s
  • How Target knows what products to advertise to you before you even know you want them
  • …And a lot more

In my opinion, the book started strong, and then lost momentum towards the end. I think, though, that it’s because the ideas of personal habit formation and change strike close to home for me – they are things I can do. I don’t run a large organization or have any major social cause to champion, so the sections on organizational and social habits were a little less interesting (though I did find Alcoa’s story, and Target’s, to be absolutely fascinating). The book concludes with an appendix that teaches an actionable system for habit change, and walks through how the author discovered, diagnosed, analyzed, and changed an afternoon snacking habit that was causing him to gain weight.

Would I recommend it?

If you’re interested in psychology, behavior, and things like that, then YES, I would absolutely recommend it. Also, if you’re a parent, or you run an organization like a business or church, you and your family/organization could gain a lot from you reading this book.


The Power of Habit explores how habits work, how we can change them, and how we can use them to our advantage. If you want to change something about any aspect of your life, you should read it.

Dec '13

The Nativity, According to a 3-Year-Old

For Family Home Evening last night, we talked about Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We (mostly the three-year-old) made a nativity from a sticker kit that she had gotten in nursery at church. Here’s the result:


A few of my favorite points:

  • Flying sheep
  • The manger is upside-down “to keep the baby warm under it”
  • Two cows riding a camel
  • One angel is flying, and the other is laying down on the roof

And last, but not least, according to the 3-year-old…

  • Baby Jesus is breastfeeding

Merry Christmas!

Nov '13

Gratitude, and a bit of nostalgia

Today is the national marching band championship in Indianapolis.

On this day, I’m especially grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to participate with marching bands and drum corps over the last 18 years, first as a performer, and then as a teacher.

I’m grateful to have been a member of the marching band at my high school, and for all that I learned from Dennis Smith, Todd Foster, and others.

I’m grateful to have been a member of the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps, where I learned not only about performance and music, but about success in life, thanks to Greg Orwoll and the rest of the Colts family.

DCI Finals, 1998

(DCI Finals, 1998)

I’m grateful to have been able to teach the front ensemble at my alma mater, and to work with Mr. Smith, Todd Foster, Michelle Sapadin and many others, and to have helped win the first percussion caption award in school history in 1999.

I’m grateful to have quite randomly ended up in Macomb, where I’ve been able to teach the front ensemble and then the full drumline of a great marching band for the last 11 years, with great competitive success. I’ve worked with great teachers like Mr. Wetmore, Mr. Zahnle, Mr. Howard, and Mr. Mattsey. I’ve had great help from former students like Leandro Pelayo, Xavier Zahnle, Allyson Ray, Michelle Kenny, Kelsey Drea, Dan Reem, and Chris Norton.

I’m grateful for all of the students I’ve had over the years, from the seniors at Red Mountain in 1998, to the freshmen at Macomb in 2013. I hope you learn as much from me as I do from you. You are all truly awesome.

Finally, I am grateful for all that I’ve learned and experienced through marching band and drum corps. I truly believe in the Colts mission statement, that “we use music and excellence to teach each other about success in life.” Any success I’ve achieved in life, I owe at least in part to my experience with marching band and drum corps. To all of my friends, teachers, students, and colleagues, I thank you.

…and here’s hoping for many more great years, great teachers, great students, and great friends.

May '13

Oh Deer, What an Adventure!

Glad to be home safe tonight. Story time….

Went to Galesburg to do some shopping, and on the way home, a few miles from Monmouth, IL, we were discussing the safest way to pull to the side of the road, and the safest way to treat vehicles that were pulled over.

As we came around a corner, we saw a vehicle that was pulled over with hazards on. As appropriate, I signaled and pulled into the other lane.

And then, in a split second, we saw the reason that car was pulled over.

But it was too late. We hit the freshly dead deer carcass full on at 65 MPH. There was a very jarring THUMP, a fraction of a second of sideslip, and then the terrible sounds of a damaged exhaust system and who-knows-how-much body damage.

We pulled over right away, and after calming down (and making a few phone calls), called the highway patrol. An officer was already talking to the people who had originally hit the deer, and called in a tow truck. After taking care of them, the officer and tow truck driver came over to us and together we all took a good look at the damage. Front fender is destroyed, definitely a damaged exhaust system (the car now sounds like my old Honda when the muffler fell off), parts of the splash guard dragging on the ground, and A LOT of blood and deer guts on the underside of my car.

BUT, there were no leaking fluids, no damage to lights, no engine warning lights to indicate real engine damage, so the police officer and tow truck driver both agreed that we should go ahead and try to drive it home.

The tow truck driver was headed the same direction we were, so he said he would follow us for a few miles until his turn, so he could pick us up if anything more happened.

Long story short… we made it home with a functional, but noisy, car, which is going to need some TLC tomorrow.

Most importantly, of course, we are all fine. A little rattled, but nobody got hurt (except the deer), and we’re all home safe and sound.