Cardboard And A Roll Of Duct Tape

The last day I have to be able to help Brittany before they move. She is a very brave woman to move with month and a half old twins. They are cute and we all took turns holding the babies and packing boxes.**

FYI Jacob and I have health insurance coverage now! We applied for it quite a while ago, and we finally have it. This stirs up some more feelings/thoughts I have. Because I weigh too much we have to pay extra for me to be covered***. What I want to know, is if I weighed too little would we have to pay extra. I would like to think so, because I clearly do not need to go to the doctor much.**** But a person that is say, anorexic, has many more health problems and is in the doctor’s office much more. Also, I want to know why is it I have to pay so much money for something that might happen,***** and the insurance companies can pick and choose what they pay for. When what I really want is dental care.

*I am writing this after the fact as though it is current, and pre-dating my post. As it is my site, I reserve the right to do so.

**Her parents were in town helping out also.

***This opens a can of worms that I may describe in more detail later but for now we will leave it with “a doctor lied to me and after gaining over 60 pounds in two months hasn’t ever checked up on me.”

****Unless it is to prevent children before we are ready and even that is a nurse practitioner, not that if one came along it would be unwanted, it would just be unplanned.

*****But it might not.