A check from Google

Somewhere over on the right hand side of this page, there are some advertisements. We have them on this website and a couple of others. It’s a program called “Google Adsense,” where you put Google ads on your page and if someone clicks on the ads, they pay you a little bit of money (on the order of a few cents). Once your account balance reaches $100, they send you a check.

We started putting adsense on our websites when we put this website up in September 2006, just before we got married. It took just over 5 years to accumulate a balance of $100, and on December 27, 2011, Google sent us a check:

(click for larger version and to see the exact amount)

So, while we’re not quite killing it like this guy, Google supplied us with a little bit of money we wouldn’t have otherwise had. Thanks, Google!