Oh, 2020…

With that news (the whole district is going remote again), I am reminded how much I miss kindergarten.  Four years ago, when Marcia the Younger was in kindergarten, I started helping in her class a couple days a week.  Since then none of her teachers felt that they needed a volunteer to come in, so I stayed in kindergarten.  Last year before going remote, I was in kindergarten three days a week, and Hinckley’s first grade teacher had me come in one day a week.  I really enjoyed getting to see kids learn and help them understand concepts.  Another benefit was hearing some funny things, similar to when I was working at the preschool. I came across one of the notes i made last year of a conversation.

Scene:  At the Writer’s Workshop, where I oversee them drawing a picture and then writing sentences about what they drew.  Also making sure they put their name and the date on the paper.  For whatever reason the paper with the date on it was missing, and I was teasing that one of them ate it.

Girl:  No one eats paper!
Me:  Where is your name tag? Why don’t you have one?
Girl:  I ate it!  …  (then a big grin crosses her face as she realizes what happened)

I was there the day that she lost what was remaining of her name tag.  She did indeed eat it.  Another great quote from her towards the start of the school year:

“My neck hurts from sitting up!” (Said with a whine that only a kindergartner can use.)

Now can we all get healthy and stay that way long enough that I can go back to school!?

Selfish rant over.