Fun with Russian

Recently, several people who I knew during my time in Russia have found and begun reading this blog (Privet, guys!).  So, it’s time for a little Russian language fun!  Here’s a Russian language puzzle to try out:

The following Russian sentence has a number of words in it, but the spaces between them have been removed.  Can you figure out where to put the spaces to make this a meaningful (and gramatically correct) sentence?


If you come up with an answer (no cheating, the answer IS on the internet, so no looking it up!), feel free to comment.  I’ll cite my original source when I post the official answer in a few days.


4 thoughts on “Fun with Russian”

  1. Oh my freaking gosh I have no idea. I can identify singular words, but no sentence: k (ko), kol, oko, okolo.

    Must . . . look . . . it . . . up!

    Okay I looked it up. I can’t believe I didn’t see it. There’s 3 answers and I didn’t see at least one of them?

  2. OK, turns out I kinda got 2, because the second is just the first with the words rearranged. The third I got after much hinting by Mr. Lovell… and I still think it’s bogus.

    Here is something weird that ????? ??????? told me once. (You have to say it out loud).

    ? ??? ?? ?????, ?? ???? ??…

    See, at first I wanted to say ??????, which kinda makes the sentence sound right, but ? ??? ???? ??? isn’t exactly something a Russian would say.

    (I hope your database likes unicode.)

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