Mother Nature is trying to make amends with mee

She was so unkind to me temperature-wise for so long.  Today, though, was beautiful.  It started with walking in the cold-cold to me, to most it was probably bearable.  Then while Jacob was teaching, I worked on a Scripture Mastery project.   And for our Family Home Evening we grilled hamburgers outside and pick-nicked in our yard.  We listened to the Junior High track meet.  Way to go Daniel D!  Jacob said he heard that you placed.  It was nice, until the sun went down and I started getting goose-bumps.

And because there has only been one guess on the quiz from last week, I am leaving it up for one more week.

Oh, I also wanted to share a lesson in keeping the Sabbath day Holy.  Yesterday as we were leaving church the gas tank light came on.  We decided that instead of purchasing more gas on Sunday we would hold out and trust we would be blessed for it.  Even though Jacob had a home teaching appointment to drive to last evening. And I would need to drive across town early this morning before I could get gas.  So after I did my walking thing this morning I went to start the car and it hesitated, but still got me over to Hy-Vee so that I could pay the electric bill and get a 15 cents/gallon off of my gas purchase.  And then I was almost unable to start the car again to get to a gas pump, it was on what fumes were barely there still, but it made it to the pump, and I was able to fill up at $2.74/gallon.  That is the best we have paid for gas in a long time.

One thought on “Mother Nature is trying to make amends with mee”

  1. I’m glad the weather decided to behave itself finally. Yummmm…grilled burgers… I’m also glad that the fumes held out. That is a great story!

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