Quiz 79

This is a piece of a bigger picture. I welcome one and all to guess at what it is. In one week, or so, I’ll give the answer, and post a new one. Good luck and may the guessing begin.


Esta es una parte de la foto grande. Hay que adivinar lo que es. En una semana mas o menos regreso con la respuesta y otra foto. ¡Suerte!

20 thoughts on “Quiz 79”

  1. This looks like one of your old quizes, that time it was from the tabernacle. Soooo, I will say the ball float from a toirlet.

  2. I’ve been waiting. I think having another birthday has helped get you on track again. I am guessing the top of the Moroni statue on a temple. I might have to get back with another guess though.

  3. If Jacob sees this today 18 July, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday!!!! Since there isn’t a seperate post for it I want him to know I am thinking about him and glad that he is part of our family.

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