Sun Rise & Spider

Yesterday morning as I was taking the trash to the “curb” I noticed it was very foggy out.  I looked up and this is what I saw:

  I love this.  So I took a minute and grabbed the camera for a few shots.

This morning Jacob and I had to take my car in for an alignment.  We walked laps around the town square for two miles, and walked a mile home*.  It was nice to have him walk with me, my normal walking buddy wasn’t there this morning.  We were talking about how the preschool is doing a unit on bugs and insects and spiders and such.  When we got home, Jacob was in the kitchen and told me he found something I can take to the preschool.  There was this giant spider!  It took a lot of convincing, but in the end he trapped it for me.  I am too short to reach the celing even with a chair.  It would not come out of the glass, so it will stay in there till I get it to the preschool (likely tomorrow).  Here are some pictures.

  The spider in his/her current home.

     The face. 

    The tookus.

     A side view. 

    One more.

Now, I do not know what kind this is, if any of you do know, we(I) would really be interested in knowing.  In any case s/he can’t eat my food now.

*What I am not telling you is that we stopped for a healthy breakfast on the way home.  It was good.

2 thoughts on “Sun Rise & Spider”

  1. I don’t know what kind of spider that is, but the sunrise picture is really cool looking! Almost looks like a full moon, there’s so much fog! Nice shot.

  2. I hope that is not a brown recluse! I don’t know my spiders, but Rob always warned me about those poisonous ones in Illinois! We miss you guys!

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