What happens in bed…

When we started this blog, I promised that I would never post about what happens in bed.

Today, I’m breaking that promise.

This has been a busy work week for me, and I’ve been up very late solving problems and doing the general geeky stuff that I do.  Last night, I didn’t get to bed until around 3:00AM.  Marcia had gone to bed around 11:00.

I had turned on the hall light, not wanting to disturb Marcia, and was quietly changing into my pajamas, when she started laughing.  Loudly.  Hysterically.

At first I wondered if I had a hole in my pants or something, but when I looked over at her, I could tell she was completely asleep.  I have heard of people talking in their sleep (indeed, I have heard you-know-who talking in her sleep), but laughing so uncontrollably in her sleep is a new one.

I had to try: “Honey, what’s so funny?”

Another outburst of laughter, and then she rolled over and it was over.

I never did find out what was so funny, but at least she was happy.

5 thoughts on “What happens in bed…”

  1. That’s hilarious! That must be where Gavyn gets it from. He laughs real hard in his sleep every once in a while. I just think it is the funniest thing. (Just so you know I was laughing out loud reading this-not AT you though Marcia!) 🙂

  2. This made me laugh too! Good thing Wyatt doesn’t blog cause he would be telling you that I walk, talk, laugh, yell, and occasionally hit him in my sleep. I guess I am just a restless sleeper.

  3. Sometimes I argue with dad in my sleep, he’s trying to wake me up I’m still sleeping but he dosen’t relise it.

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