I believe I was mistaken

So, I was pretty convinced there were raccoons in my plants.

Until this morning when I opened the front door and saw two squirrels pulling on the bird feeder post.  They had it bent clear to the ground and were eating the seeds.

I got mad!  I told them I hated them, and never to come back; then I shook my fist at them.  Mostly because one of them was digging in a flower pot that was barely beginning to sprout.  They had better not have destroyed our flowers.

I went to Farm King and found squirrel repellent. When I pulled back into the drive, there was another squirrel digging at the base of the post.  I will have to re-dig and re-place the post.

The repellent is a wolf or fox urine based product, 100% organic, and stinks!  It won’t (shouldn’t) scare the birds away, and ought to not harm my produce.  I hope it works!!!

3 thoughts on “I believe I was mistaken”

  1. I should go get some of that stuff for our shrub. We have a squirrel or two that digs in that (as well as the whole entire yard). It drives us insane.

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