I guess it is sort of an on-going project

As I sit on my porch, admiring the garden I have been working on, I figure I had better post pictures of the garden as much as I have.

Picture heavy!

View of front of house.  I like to sit in those chairs and enjoy the warmth, and try to catch glimpses of the birds.


Here is from the west.  The edges here are rain gutters that were taken off the house(they have been sitting on the ground for quite a while so I figured I can use them).  I cut them and buried them as borders.


Same section, different view.


East section.


Sunflower-this is the first I had seen of it above dirt, it grows fast.  These are the Mammoth Gray variety and will get heads about 20 inches wide and we will be able to eat the seeds, if the birds don’t get them first.


It is really cool-I think-to see the ground split from the pressure of the plants growing and breaking through.


Here are the beets once they broke through. I had to put the beets in a bigger pot, not pictured.


Here are blooms on the tomato plant (there are two opened, more not yet, one may be harder to see).


There was a furry creature that dug up in this flower pot.  I think it must have a death wish!


Then I saw that it was digging up the pot where I had planted carrot seeds!


And if that wasn’t enough, it decided to dig into the unopened bags of soil that I hadn’t gotten to yet.


This picture was taken through the window.  The birds like the food I put out, but must not be comfortable around me yet, because if I am on the porch they tend to stay away.  Or if they do approach, they fly when they notice the camera.


However I was able to finally capture a few birds. Here is a sparrow.


And here is a Cardinal, we think he is still young and growing his red feathers yet.


We have beets, carrots, green bell peppers, big hamburger tomatoes, roma tomatoes, sun flowers, potatoes (white and red), and some strictly decorative flowers.

I started this post Sunday, so it gets that date, however I did finish it on Monday.

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  1. Well that is fun, to keep out the fury suicidal creatures you should scatter human hair around and they tend to stay out. We haven’t had any problems with them in our garden even though we have seen them in the yard.

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