I guess it is time to get serious about finishing the “unpacking business”

31 weeks down and theoretically 9 to go.  Here is a picture from today:

2010 10 05 belly shot

A great big “Thank you!” to Abby and her friend(s) for the maternity clothes.  It is nice to have warmer things to wear as the season is changing.

Let’s see, I get asked all the time how I am feeling…?  I am feeling great.  I get heart burn.  I often feel like I am starving (even though I am not).  I am tired.  I can’t sleep (unless I build a sleeping tower or nest out of ten pillows).  I pee a lot.  I feel Braxton Hicks.  And yet none of that makes this a bad experience.  And over-all I really do feel great.  These things are all intriguing to mee, I am more curious about why these things happen, and I enjoy studying them.  I have felt hiccups from Copyright, not everyday, but a number of times, it is pretty cool in my opinion.  I have been told not to sneeze anymore unless I am sitting in the restroom.  I still get out and walk to keep it up.  Most days I get in eight cups of water.  I think I may need to figure out shoes that do not require tying, or bending over, but I am holding out as long as I can.  I am now scheduled to go to the doctor every two weeks.  And two weeks ago I was told that I have gained all the weight he would like for mee to gain, there were tears, and a hug and reassurance that it will be okay, and it is common for women who lost significant weight prior to pregnancy, and while I really don’t want to stress about it, I do.  (and it appears I like run-on sentences…go figure)  Also, I am refusing to waddle, when I feel like my body is starting, I pause and re-balance myself, and then continue walking.  I am more than willing to mosey, however.

I guess that is the update for now.  We have been keeping busy and trying to stay out of trouble.

4 thoughts on “I guess it is time to get serious about finishing the “unpacking business””

  1. I agree with Ronda, you look great and the time has gone by quickly. Just think in about 9 more weeks I’ll have two more grandchildren to love and awe over. Keep up the good work.

  2. Camara, and any other future readers of this posting, while twins would be perfectly awesome, we can only assume there is one baby in here. The doctor’s office believes there to be only one, and they will not give us any more chances to see unless they start thinking there are problems. Grammy (I think) was referring to Copyright and the baby that Rob and Katilyn are expecting shortly before Copyright. Though trust mee, if there are twins, and we get to find out before delivery we will make it known (I think we would make it known after delivery too though).

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