I Love This Cereal

They are Fruity Cheerios.

I discovered these at the preschool.  They use them at snack time.  I tasted them to see if I might like them.  I do.  They are not covered in “frosting” and do not leave a slime covering in the mouth or bowl, like certain other round fruit flavored cereals.  When Matt, Ronda, and the Gs were here this last week, they approved them.  And you get Box Tops for Education on the box.

I will be working at the preschool all this week.  I have been pretty busy working there and taking care of other things, so if I can find the energy I will be posting stuff.

2 thoughts on “I Love This Cereal”

  1. I am glad to see it was fruity cheerios. At first I was grosed out thinking it was a new breed of colorful worms…then a few seconds later I was thinking more along the lines of cereal. Whew! Fun!

  2. Hey! I’ve been subbing for pre-school since last Thursday. I know what you mean about “if I can find the energy”! It wears you out! Fun, fun, though!

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