I’m feeling selfish

I love my baby, and I don’t want to share her. Then I remind myself that if I do, perhaps I will be lucky enough to hear that other people love her too….

So, here goes something: 2 videos. Of Marcia the younger. With brief appearances by the arms of Jacob and Marcia the elder. They are each around five and a half minutes long.

This first one is from the twelfth. In the bath tub. I put her in the bathing suit I wore as an infant (for modesty’s sake). It is nice to see a human wear it. For the past couple decades it was worn by my cabbage patch kid.

This second video is from today. First part this morning, second part this afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed the videos as much as we enjoy Marcia.

4 thoughts on “I’m feeling selfish”

  1. What a sweetheart. I have always loved that suit and it is as cute on her as it was on her mom. It is easy to see how you would want to keep her to yourself, but I’m glad you share her with me sometimes.

  2. My girls got very upset when the videos were over. During the first video Giuliana was saying “My baby Marcia, not yours baby Marcia” and then you could hear you (Aunt Marcia) laughing. It was funny.
    Now Giuliana keeps repeating “I not share my baby Marcia!”
    Wish we saw you all more!!

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