It was still pretty cool

We tried the Mentos in the Coke bottle experiment. It wasn’t as cool as if it had been diet Coke, but it was still pretty cool!


Jared and Andrew turned 18 at the end of March, so we celebrated by launching rockets and trying to explode coke.



5 thoughts on “It was still pretty cool”

  1. When Ginny saw the first picture, her first thought was “That’s not Jacob is it?” I had to do a double-take. Then we scrolled down. I need to launch rockets sometime.

  2. Did you use mentos to explode the coke? I watched that on a TV show once and I to try it with my one student in New London. We will have to do it some time together.

  3. I have a couple one I think a wing broke off and neeeds finished and the other I haven’t launched yet. How weird?

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