Many of you have asked, this is our reply

We will call Copyright Marcia.  When she is older and can decide for herself, she can choose to be called Holland if she prefers.  Until then, we will rely on context to know which of us we are talking to/about.  Many boys go through the same process when named after their fathers.  It always works out.

5 thoughts on “Many of you have asked, this is our reply”

  1. You know, it never crossed my mind that you would call her anything but Marcia. It is a great name. The only reason I said anything at the hospital is because I was asked to ask you that question.
    Love you all!

  2. You’ll do just fine. It didn’t matter what name you and your siblings had I rarely got it right the first time anyway. I still call you by the wrong names.

  3. I don’t think I asked, I did ask where you came up with the name though, mostly because I kind of figured She would be named after you anyways.

  4. Hi!! First off I want to say CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!
    She is beautiful! Love her little mouth. 😉

    This is Steph, Jacob’s cousin. Linda’s daughter.
    I thought…hmmm they are sooo computer savvy, I bet they have a blog. Searched you, and here you are!

    I was thinking, Holly would be a cute nickname for her…afterall she was born in December. =) When I had my first, EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE had SOMETHING to say about any name we chose. It got really really really really (alright that’s enuf really’s, you get the picture) annoying. Pretty soon we just said “THIS is the name. If you don’t like it we don’t care”. Of course people tried to call him stuff that totally drove us C-R-A-Z-Y…but we got over it, and guess what?!?! so did they! =)

    Congratulations again. You guys are in for one heck of a ride and a gooood time.


  5. Hi Marcia … the pics are beautiful! Thanks for the lovely Christmas greeting, with a beautiful little Marcia … she has her eyes open in one … she is gorgeous! You and Jacob look great too! Love, Pauline xox

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