One Month Ago

Cher had 71 babies. 53 are surviving as far as I know. That is how many babies there were when I let them out of the confining smaller floating tanks into the big tank to “swim free”. I have been checking the filter to make sure no babies have been sucked up, and I have not found any in there yet. I also have not seen Sonny or Cher eating any of the babies, so I can only assume that there are still 53 babies in the tank. I also have not found any dead ones. The babies are growing pretty well, and swim out there with mom and dad.

I finally returned to the project of putting the birthing video together. This is only a few of the babies coming out. Some are born faster and some go slower, I guess it just depends on the size of the baby fish. In part of the video we can see dad hanging around trying to get to the tasty little fry.

YouTube Preview Image

By the way, Cher is pregnant again. I can see little baby eyes in her, and guessing on the size they are and how big she is not compared to last month, I do not think she will be having 71 this time. Good for her.

Update May 19th: I woke up this morning and she had her babies, there were 8 of them and I think only 5 will make it.  So, now is the chance for anyone to speak up if their little one wants to name a baby fish.  Noah, what do you think?

5 thoughts on “One Month Ago”

  1. That so neat to watch her give birth to the fry.
    How exciting to have new grandfish! 😀 Sad that only 5 will make it though. 🙁

  2. I know, I was sad that not all of them made it. Based on the way they looked, I think 2 were still born, and one was not fully formed. The oddest thought I had about it was that “it is a shame she only had 8 this time if she is capable of having 71 at a time.” It is like getting fat and not having a baby, totally not worth it!

  3. Wow, I have never seen a fish in labor before, thanks for sharing! I think your “oddest thought” is so funny, haha! 8 is quite a step down from 71.

  4. Very cool video! She got pregnant again that quickly after having 71! Amazing and insane. Glad the little fishies are doing well.

  5. Marcia,
    Okay so…creepy on the fish thing. I thought I would like it. But, I didn’t. I’m thinking it was the thought of pushing out something 71 times. Luckily this time for me: no pushing, one baby! Hooray! Thanks for the cookies. You are amazing. Tell your sister Good luck for me, I know things will go great. You truly are someone I am tickled to know!!!

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