question nine


Pedestrians are crossing the street when the red car from the west and the purple car from the north are approaching:

a-the purple car and the red car should both stop at the stop signs and wait for the pedestrians to finish crossing the street, then proceed, in turn through the intersection
b-Red car should roll through the intersection before the pedestrians have a chance to get all the way across, and the purple car should stop at the stop sign and wait for the intersection to clear
c-the red car should wave the purple car on faster through the intersection in hopes that both cars will make it through the intersection before the pedestrians finish crossing the street

One thought on “question nine”

  1. Well, if you wait for the first set(probably the parents) you will have to wait for the second set( the kids) and then there will probably be a parade come through and next thing you know your car will run out of fuel and then you won’t make it home in time to start dinner and there will be a big fight and then somebody will say something that they didn’t mean and it will go on and on, so it would be better to try to beat the pedestrians through the intersection.

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