question one


Car 1 arrives at the stop sign before car 2 does:

a-car 1 should proceed after coming to a full stop so that car 2 may do the same
b-car 2 should wave car 1 through the intersection so that car 2 does not have to come to a full stop
c-car 1 should sit and wait for car 2 to go because car 2 is on the right

2 thoughts on “question one”

  1. Well, the rule of the road whoever is given the right-a-way should go first, but it is usually first come, first serve. But from the areal photography, car 1 should have been closer to the stop line indicating a desire to go through the intersection. So, whoever has the faster car and can get through the intersection first and out of the other’s way should proceed first.

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