question six


Driving on a street with no sidewalks and there are pedestrians walking on the left side of the road as they see it or there is a cyclist riding in the right lane (and properly wearing a helmet is a must on a bike):

a-the car should keep driving and never slow down, driving as close to the bike as they can, it is especially satisfying if the motorist can manage to run the bike off the road or hit it and hope that the bike will never resurface
b-the car should come up behind the bike or up to the walkers as close as they can and then blast the horn to scare them out of the way, or off the road
c-the car should move over and pass the bike or walkers with plenty of space (there is an Illinois law that states a motorist is to give a cyclist 3 feet of clearance at minimum) when the oncoming traffic is clear, slowing down as much as is necessary

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