question three


Driving along you hear Police sirens or see Flashing lights on a police car:

a-drive faster because they are obviously headed somewhere so they will not come after you
b-hit your brakes so that you are going exactly the speed limit and continue on your merry way
c-slow down, pull over and stop so that you are out of the way of the Police vehicle

One thought on “question three”

  1. Well, depending on how fast the police car is going, if they are moving at 90 miles an hour, pull over, cause if they have a blowout at that speed they are most likely going to take you out, but if they just forgot to turn off the emergancy indicators after blowing through the last red light and are going at the normal speed, you would probably want to pull over also, because they are just out having fun, and will pull you over for something if you give them the opportunity. So c

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