We got one

I love Spring.  I love open windows.  We have had the back door open with the screen door locked so fresh air can get in.

Apparently, the door is not sealed at the bottom, and we had a visitor enter on Friday.  He does not sing and/or walk on two legs, so he does not warrant a name.

Jacob looked on Google, and it said to use humane traps.  Sorry, humane went out the window the second that thing entered my kitchen.  I called Ronda, she suggested a trap that I found easily and was inexpensive.

We set two.

When we arrived home tonight this is what we found:


He was snapped in this one after eating all the bait in the other one.

The package said to un-clip him into the trash and then the trap can be reused, It wasn’t completely dead yet, we threw it away with the mouse.  They are not that expensive, and I really don’t want to touch it any more than necessary.

Jacob wants to put up a warning sign to all mice and spiders that dare to enter our house.  Telling them we can co-exist peacefully outside, but in the house they are not welcome, under penalty of death.

I like to catch the spiders and put them in a jar and see which of them is the strongest!

6 thoughts on “We got one”

  1. I took a picture of ours after we finally got it. I’ve planned on posting about the whole ordeal. Maybe someday. I’m glad the trap worked for you.

  2. Well at least it wasn’t like this guy;

    He came with it seems like about a dozen others who didn’t like the normal traps.
    also hope you don’t get any of these spiders.

  3. That picture! hilarious! poor guy, I hope he made a quick demise in the trash. Y’all should definitely put up a sign, then at least you’d know for sure they were warned beforehand and know they will just have to suffer the consequences. We usually do the catch-and-release things w/bugs (HUGE spider a few days ago wow!) but I never show mercy to roaches. They should totally know how disgusting they are and that NO ONE want them in their house.

  4. Somehow it looks worse on here than in real life. I don’t show any mercy when they enter my house uninvited, and they are not an invited guest unless someone is feeding them to a frog like Munchie.

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