Arrr I Kick Me In The Seat Of Me Pants

Yesterday was “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and I missed out until 9:30 pm.  This makes me sad-ish.  I still had 2 hours to play. 

I bought pants onWednesday.  They fit nicely.  I decided I needed a second pair, as pants rarely fit me nicely.  I went back yesterday to get a pair.  The label looked exactly the same, when I got home to compare them.  I tried them on, the new ones didn’t fit so nicely.  Baffled, I looked at the tag again.  They looked identical, or so I thought.  The first pair was made in Pakistan.  The second pair was made in Egypt.  Apparently Egypt has smaller inches than Pakistan.  When holding them next to each other I see that there are two inches in difference.  I took the second pair back for the Pakistan made jeans.  I like my jeans loose.

5 thoughts on “Arrr I Kick Me In The Seat Of Me Pants”

  1. You could just reschedule Talk Like a Pirate Day for yourself, that is something I do sometimes…not necessarily that exact designation, but you know…also, the jeans story is so funny! I’m glad you got the right ones.

  2. I’m glad you found some pants you like. That’s crazy about the jeans.
    I would never be able to talk like a pirate. I’m not focused enough.

  3. I missed seeing you and your sister @ the family wedding on Saturday. 🙁 I actually made it to two weddings in one day. I was on a role!!! (My boys were ringbearers in the first one)

  4. Always a good idea to buy at least two of anything that fits really well. On that movie about the guy with the toy store, uh, played by that guy who also played Rain Man, that I only saw parts of the television version of because the original was rated R and I don’t watch R rated movies, well uh, where was I? That character found shoes that he liked and bought at least 50 pairs of them and when the last pair was worn out he decided it was time to die. Well, not that you should do that, that would be rediculus (lous?) but hey, wear those pants in good health!

    Aunt Dolores

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