Five Fewer Fish

I wasn’t working per se, but I did go in to the preschool.  I donated 5 fish, 2 Yellows and 3 Hammers, very pregnant Hammers.  So now I have about 42 fish in the tank still.  I went over to take the fish, and to take more “class photos.”  The kids are cute, but very active and some absolutely refuse to smile for the camera.  Some say “cheese” and this is what the mouth ends up doing.


Now, I am sure they think they are smiling, but that is not the shot Mommy and Daddy will want to use to order prints for the grandparents.   We need to come up with a better word to use to make kids smile for pictures.  Any suggestions?

It is an absolutely great feeling when a person (young or old) tells me they won’t smile, and they eventually do, or I am able to catch them off guard and make them smile for me.  In the end, I was able to get natural smiles out of these three, but I had to work for it.

5 thoughts on “Five Fewer Fish”

  1. I think bugers would be a good one to try. That usually makes them make a gross face and then they will laugh and you can catch a smile. Just a suggestion.

  2. Totally! Little kid “cheese”s are hilarious, I wonder if they wonder why the heck they have to say “cheese”? Sometimes B&N say “queso”, but that doesn’t help in the smile department 😉 I sometimes just tell older little kids to laugh, which can get a nice natural looks sometimes (honestly, I have to tell Z that, too, otherwise his smile looks…different…) The “boogers” idea is a good one, I’ll hafta remember that…good luck!

  3. I always make them say stinky feet– it still has the long e’s to make the smile-ish thing happen and there’s no ‘s’ at the end for the lispers. The added bonus is they think it’s funny so they’ll smile for real. Good luck!

  4. Lydia almost always say hippopotamus (hope that is how to spell it). I think mostly because she likes hippos, but it usually comes with a big natural smile at the end just thinking of them.

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