Preschool Talkers

We all enjoy what the preschoolers say, and I get lots of things to write down.  Now I have a place to keep all of them, and be able to enjoy them.  They are now being kept safely at where each day I will add another to the list.  Check it out.

Also jsut as a randomness, our spam filter just passed 13,579 last night.  All odd numbers.


Preschool Brings Out My Creative Side

So, we were cutting and gluing and coloring and I made a new book.  The process was somewhat fun.  The children helped me know what pictures to cut out of magazines.  I glued them on the pages.  Then the story-line came. . . . Enjoy!

tth-page-1 tth-page2 tth-page-3 tth-page-4 tth-page-5 tth-page-6

I felt the need to add the “THE END” on the last page right above where it is written because it is hard to see.

I Am Unable To Post The Answer From Last Month

Sorry about that.  I left it in my other computer.  Just so everyone knows, we were able to get a new car form the rental place, nicer, much NICER and at the same rate.  It has been a busy, busy month.  We were able to get to Kentucky for Megean and David’s wedding.  It was fun and busy.  Jacob ended up playing the piano for the ring ceremony.  Tomorrow will be one month of marriage for them, I hope they still like eachother 🙂  They are a cute couple and very photogenic.  Though I am not going to post pictures, I want them to be able to do that first.  We made it home safely and on the way we found a really cool outlet mall in Indiana.  We found tennis shoes that we have been looking for and like.  Right now we are sitting in a Panera waiting to go to the airport.  And we will be in SLC for the week!  We are alive, we are very busy.  as soon as we got back from Kentucky, we went to work, got sick (me from the preschool germs,a nd jacob from my germs from the preschool), we traveled all ovver the place, and we had both cars go very south on us, so we end up getting a new car.  Well, new to us, it is an old mssion car.  We both like it, which surprises both of us very much.  Life is good when we are working.  Oh, and I got my hair cut again.  Picture to come later, today or sometimethis week.  And some sort of a quiz, is forth comming too, you just can’t have the last one’s answer until we get back home.

I Love This Cereal

They are Fruity Cheerios.

I discovered these at the preschool.  They use them at snack time.  I tasted them to see if I might like them.  I do.  They are not covered in “frosting” and do not leave a slime covering in the mouth or bowl, like certain other round fruit flavored cereals.  When Matt, Ronda, and the Gs were here this last week, they approved them.  And you get Box Tops for Education on the box.

I will be working at the preschool all this week.  I have been pretty busy working there and taking care of other things, so if I can find the energy I will be posting stuff.

Preschool Talk

So, I have a few gems from today’s trip.  Then I have a few gems from the spring, when I was in a bad blogging funk and just had the quotes on slips of paper.  I have had them hiding on my desk waiting for me to get in the blogging mood again, and I recently found them.  So here it goes (today’s only, I will try to get the past ones with tomorrow’s quotes, I will be at the preschool again) :

I was on the floor playing puzzles with Girl M (2 y 11 m, and is often being told to “walk away” because we don’t hit our friends, take from our fiends, throw rocks/sand at our friends, push our friends, but she is super smart and very energetic, so I was happy to give her one-on-one positive time), when Girl A (3 y 9.5 m) walked through, who also is often told to “walk away” for being bossy and not listening.

Girl A:  Excuse me M.

Me:  That was very nice of you A.

Girl M: Excuse me, too! (with that tone of “please compliment me too!”)

During free play Girl J (3 y) and Girl EM (3 y 6 m) made it a point to come up to me:  Me and EM are going to the store to buy dishes for the party.

Me:  Sounds fun. (But I don’t know if that was my invitation, or if they wanted to make sure I knew there was a party I was not invited to…. Knowing them, I think it was my invitation.)

Boy M (3 y 5 m) came running past us then:  The bus is here!  Choo! Choo!

Morning meeting:

A couple weeks ago Mr S was telling the kids about the ants in his yard moving to another part of the yard, and how there were ants carrying eggs.  Today Mr S was having them answer questions or do research on the list of questions they had come up with.  One of the questions was about if insects take care of their babies.  Some of the kids remembered Mr S’s ants

Boy A (4 y 6 m):  We should take a trip to your house and see the baby ants.

Mr S:  We don’t need to go to my house, we have ants here on the playground.

Outside in the sandbox:

Boy MM (3 y 5 m) and his baby sister  Baby E (1 y 2 m) were playing quietly in separate corners of the sand box (this boy is also very often told to “walk away” for many of the same reasons Girl M is told to).  MM walked up to Baby E and kissed her on the forehead, and then just looked at her and talked to her for a few min.  It was heart warming.

Then Girl M:  Where is my mom and dad?

Me:  At work?

Girl M:  My mommy plays in the garden

Me:  What does she do in the garden?

Girl M:  I don’t know

At the of nap time I was holding Baby J (6 m) and Girl T (4 y 7 m) wanted to talk to the baby

Girl T:  I am going to spell my name for you, * * * * * *. (Then she proceeded to tell her about the good places to visit when she is older.)  Something something something, Myrtle Beach.  My family went there when I was 2, almost 3.  

Me:  (I know  she wasn’t talking to me, but I asked her a question anyhow)  Did you like Myrtle Beach?

Girl T:  Yes, it was fun.  We played on the Beach until I got a bad sun burn.  Ouch!

After the kids all woke up Girl T and Girl EH (5 y 1 m) were cutting pieces of paper asking everyone if we wanted tickets.

EH:  Do you want a ticket?

T:   Get your free tickets here

Me: Are  they traffic tickets?

T:  No, they are train tickets

Miss A:  Oh, I can’t  ride the train I get sick

T:  Do you want a ticket to go on the log ride?

Miss A:  Is there water?

T:  No, it just feels like a log

Five Fewer Fish

I wasn’t working per se, but I did go in to the preschool.  I donated 5 fish, 2 Yellows and 3 Hammers, very pregnant Hammers.  So now I have about 42 fish in the tank still.  I went over to take the fish, and to take more “class photos.”  The kids are cute, but very active and some absolutely refuse to smile for the camera.  Some say “cheese” and this is what the mouth ends up doing.


Now, I am sure they think they are smiling, but that is not the shot Mommy and Daddy will want to use to order prints for the grandparents.   We need to come up with a better word to use to make kids smile for pictures.  Any suggestions?

It is an absolutely great feeling when a person (young or old) tells me they won’t smile, and they eventually do, or I am able to catch them off guard and make them smile for me.  In the end, I was able to get natural smiles out of these three, but I had to work for it.

I Don’t Want To Smile

Today I was at the preschool again.  The funniest thing I heard…backtracking, I was on the infant side, and I was also taking pictures for class pictures.  So the best thing I heard a kid say was Girl J (3 years) “I do not have a camera like that at my house.”  I told her that was ok.  I got a hand full of good shots, but it was a little too chilly for the kids.  I am hoping that tomorrow will be a nicer day temperature wise so we can get a lot more good shots.  One of the student workers saw some of the pictures I had on the camera and said she thinks I “should get into photography”….  Speaking of which I have a couple more good shots of a spider, another barn spider (I think), this one is outside my desk window.  I think this one is the male or female, which ever the other one is not, since it has just slightly different coloring.  If it is a different kind, I am interested in knowing what it is.  I seem to feel less afraid of them when I know what they are and where they are coming from.

Charlotte Is Her Name

I took the spider in to the preschool this morning.  I looked through Karen’s book about them and the closest we could figure was a Barn Spider.  So, I looked on line for a picture to match better and sure enough the underside is better for identifying.  She is a Barn Spider.  Her full name is Charlotte A. Cavatica.  It was kind of fun to learn that she is Charlotte, for whom Charlotte’s Webb was written. Here is a picture of her in her new home aka not my kitchen….

  This also happens to show off her belly quite well, and her missing back right leg (her right).

  This is Hope the praying mantis I gathered off a car at Enrichment last night.

  And this is Hopper that I retrieved from the same car.

Jacob Does Not Have A Tutu

Yesterday and today I found myself working at the preschool.  Lots of fun.  Here are some of the conversations:

I was asking some of the kids yesterday about how the weekend went for them.  A number of them talked about the ballon rally (an annual event in our town-pictures at the end as seen from the train station).

Boy M (3 years 5 months):  I had a mommy weekend and a daddy weekend

Me:  That sounds exhausting (not really sure what he ment by that)

Boy M:  Yeah… *sigh* it was.

Same Boy M and Girl L (4 years 1 month) were running around the room in the morning talking about how they were going to get married.  They came up to me and told me how excited they were to be getting married, I cogratulated them, and off they ran to Girl E (4 years 8 months-dressed as Cinderella) who promptly married them.  Right after they got married they came to me:

Girl L:  We just got married

Me:  Congratulations!  Are you excited?

Girl L: YES!

Boy M:  I love you!

Girl L:  I love you.

Boy M:  Now we can have a baby!

Me:  What are you going to do now?

Girl L:  We’re going to go out to get icecream!

At morning meeting Mr S was telling abouthow he saw some ants move from one side of his yard to the other side.  He had pictures and the kids were brainstorming why the ants may have moved. (This point in the school year they are talking bugs, insects and spiders.) Girl T (4 years 7 months) suggested that they moved “because they have legs.” Valid.  Then the teachers asked how many of them have moved ever, and how did they move their stuff, and why.  Boy A (4 years 6 months) said they moved “because we couldn’t afford the yucky house anymore.”

Today at the very start of the day some of the kids were playing in the sandbox-table-thing.  Girl T, same as above, was whining that other kids were playing too, and that she needed all the sand.  She used her whiny voice the whole conversation.

Me:  T did you get much sleep last night?

Girl T:   No, I didn’t!

Me:  Why not?

Girl T:  I was too excited for school.

I then explained to her why she needs to get good sleep at night before she comes to school so she can play nicely with her friends and share.  I noticed that a light bulb seemed to go off in her head, and she made effort to be nicer, but she was just cranky.  I asked what her mom says about sharing, her reply was, “that I need to be nice and not loud at nap time.”

While getting ready for morning meeting, Girl T came up to me holding out her hand in a fist…

Girl T:  I hurt my hand

Me: Well then, appologize to your hand.

Girl T: (leaning in to her hand) I’m sorry.

Me:  Give it a kiss

Girl T:  she kisses it and sits down like that made it all better

After Nap time ended I was playing counting games with Girl A (3 years 4 months):

Me:  1

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  2

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  3

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  In English, I don’t know Chinese.

Girl A:  (rolls her eyes)  one, two, three

Shortly after that, I was helping Boy M (from above) tie his shoes:

Boy M:  (lifts his pant leg)  look I have my pajamas on under my clothes

Me:  Is that so you can be warm, or so you don’t have to change clothes as much?

Boy M:  Yes.  Do you have pajamas on? (lifts up my pant leg, and dissapointed by not seening them)

Me:  No, but my pajamas have monkey’s on them.

Boy C (4 years 2 months):  Are you going to wear them on pajama day?

Me:  If I am here on Pajama Day, I will wear them.

Boy C:  Cool!  My Thomas (the Train)  shirt has words that glow in the dark.

Boy L (4 years 4 months):  My bed has Thomas on it.

Me:  My bed has stripes.  Blue and white stripes.

Boy C:  Cool, do the stripes glow in the dark?

Me: No, but I can ask my husband if he wants me to make them glow in the dark.

Boy C:  You have a HUSBAND? (very excited voice)

Me:  Yes

Boy C:  Did you marry one?

Me:  I married him and he became my husband.

Then the afternoon snack with the newlywedds from yesterday morning…

Girl L:  I’m gonna marry my boyfriend

Boy M:  I have a girlfriend

Me:  I thought you two got married yesterday

Girl L:  We did

Boy M:  pokes her arm, softly

Girl L:  DON’T touch ME

Mr S:  They ARE married, aren’t they?

A few minutes later Girl L declares that when she is grown up she wants to be a CHEERLEADER….

Me:  What an embarassing life’s ambition (not said to her, just another adult)