Give Thanks

I am thankful for the temple, where families are sealed together forever, and where I married my best friend.
I am thankful for my home office because that’s where I work to provide for my family, it’s where I study and learn a lot, it’s where I do some of my favorite leisure activities like playing chess and writing music.
Marcia the Elder:
I am thankful for the Grand Canyon because nobody fell in!  And because I enjoyed spending a week down in the there hiking among the beauty, while I was in college, and then a couple years ago we got to go as a family* with the Fairlie women!
I am thankful for the hospital where I birthed my children, because there are caring doctors and nurses, and I am so glad that I did not have to clean up the “Lake of Machu Picchu”** in my house.
Marcia the Younger:
I am thankful for libraries because they have lots and lots of books, and I love books!
I am thankful for Compton Park because the bridge is very good for riding your bike over and it has a beautiful “river” there.
I am thankful for our house.  I love our house because if we didn’t have our house we wouldn’t live anywhere, but we do have our house so that we have some shelter and a place to live.
I am thankful for the school because I need to learn, and the school is exactly the right place*** to learn.
I want to do what Hinckley said, but a little bit, a little part:
I am thankful for our house, well, because it has dishes.
I am thankful for Earth because it has a lot of houses, and a lot of people, and a lot of houses for that people.

* This was the only time Jacob had been to the Grand Canyon, even though he lived in Mesa, AZ for 14 years.

** The lake was so named by the midwife, because the older two children named the unborn Corban, “King of Machu Picchu” and he made a great lake during labor.
*** “Place” may be more of a concept than an actual location, because this year our kids are attending school online only. Here is the setup they have.

The “lockers”


A couple of months ago, I had a dream, which started quite normal.

We were attending a friend’s wedding and we were dressed up pretty nicely.  (In the start of this dream I did not appear to be with child.)  We were asked to go and check on flowers or something to make sure it would be ready for the ceremony to start.  We needed to pass through an indoor pool room to check on what ever the thing was.  As we walked by the pool, some teenage boys decided it would be fun to see if they could get us wet.  Well, when I looked down to see if my dress was wet, I saw something starting to move in my abdomen.  I thought that was odd, I had not eaten recently, so it couldn’t likely be indigestion.  There was stronger movement, and I saw a distinct foot outline on my stomach.  So I got out my camera to take a picture, and before I could push the shutter button, there were 3 strong movements again, and out of my belly popped a foot.  This foot was sticking out past the knee and would not relax.  We searched all over to find any doctors we could, in hopes that they could figure out how to get the leg back where it belongs.  I woke up at this point, with the baby’s leg still sticking out of mee.

When I was awake, I found myself holding my hands as if I was holding the leg, just as I had done in the dream, and there were strong movements/kicks right where I felt them in the dream.  Boy was that trippy!

So, Halloween was this last weekend, and I was trying to think of what I wanted to do for a costume.  Many people gave ideas, some fun, some cheesy, some I was not interested in at all.  I started thinking about how hard it would be to make it look like the alien from Alien.  Then it occurred to mee, I had that dream.  I could sew a leg.  I could make at least one dream become a reality.  So I did.


Jacob said there was a little something missing, blood.


It did seem to add that little extra umph.  The best comment of the night was when a cute kid (not really yelling, but speaking quite forcefully) said, “Why is there a foot in your belly?”  I couldn’t help but laugh as I tried to explain that it is not real.  And even better is that every time I laughed, the leg would kick around.  It was fun!

And because I love him, here is a picture of Husband, and (fake) baby foot*.


And the weekly count down has arrived again.  35 weeks down, 5 to go.  Here is what is probably my favorite picture from this weeks photo shoot:


I sure do love my monkey footie pajamas!  Now if only I could find some in Copyright sizes…and if Jacob were willing to wear a pair of them as well, we could have a fun family picture in a couple months.

*Foot is also some times known as fot, this developed when one of the ultrasound pictures, that refused to show us if Copyright is a boy or a girl, was labeled with a fot in stead of a foot.

We have a winner, but first some reminiscing

This last Sunday was our Stake Conference weekend.  Four years ago, I was working in Nauvoo, ILL at a bed and breakfast.  I was the innkeeper.  It was a fun job, there was much to be desired in the employer area, but I met some really great people.  As most of us know, that is where I was when a certain young man asked mee to marry him.  We had no desire to live there and work the B&B after being married, so I needed to move back.  It was convenient that Nauvoo is also where our Stake center is located.  So, at the end of the Sunday session of Conference, I/we piled all of my belongings that I had in Nauvoo into my car (Speedy) and Jacob’s dad’s (Richard) truck (I am not sure if it has a name).  And to Macomb I moved, two weeks before I went from Mee to Wee. It was fun this weekend, during the awake and coherent parts of it, to think back and remember the events of that weekend.

So, now, for why you are all here reading this in the first place….

Remember this post?  We do.  And we have our winner.  This person “won” it a while ago.  September 1st, 2010 at 2:37 am, to be exact.

1000th comment blog winner

This seems to have been a  group effort, and so technically we have three winners, Fiona, Bran, and Nuala.  And it is also important to note that they live in Bulgaria, so it is not unreasonable for two three-year-olds to be up at 2:30 in the morning, our time.  Though, from what I have seen over the years, it really wouldn’t be unreasonable for two three-year-olds to be up at any given point in the night/morning.

Now, I just have to get the prize out.  When y’all moved to Bulgaria I failed to acquire your address.  If you could email that to mee, the prize can be on its way.  It will be good.  We promise!

More than just answer 86

First here is the answer to the last quiz (from almost 2 months ago):


Karen (Jacob’s mom) had a catering gig for our friend Jennie’s wedding.  She enlisted Jacob and mee to help.  As I was working on part of the dessert selections, the non-stick pan slipped out of my hand and we lost most of that pan, if not all.  We did have fun though.  And next month they will have been married for two whole years!

Speaking of two whole years, today Giuliana Marie turns two!! Wow time flies.  I sure do love that little girl.

Second, or is it third, my face is good.  I no longer hurt.  Maybe we did not need to go to the ER afterall, but I am glad we did  go and find out nothing was wrong, because in all seriousness I was scared and I was in a lot of pain at the time.  And I was mailed a survey on how my ER visit was, I will be sure to fill it out.  Overall it was a good experience, my only complaint is that I did not understand the pain ranking system.

Fourth, Girls camp is coming up in a few weeks.  I (we, but not Jacob) have been working like crazy to get all the fun surprises finished.  We like to have surprises for the girls, and so that he does not have to “lie” we often don’t even tell Jacob what we are up to.  We love the week with our Young Women.

Fifth, Jacob is enrolled in a race this afternoon/evening. The race is from Wapello to Burlington (in Iowa, in case anyone wondered).  We go over and he checks in between 2-4 this afternoon, and then I will drive to Burlington and hang out (with people or at Target or both or a park), hopefully find the ending point, and watch my talented husband finish the race.  Kind of short notice, though if any one wants to join mee as I wait, let mee know!

P.S. I am not sure when I will post a new quiz, it seems that there is less and less interest in it.  Rick wins by default since he is the only one that guessed this last time, and it was up for almost 2 months, so rick here is your imaginarey gold star, or if you come hang with mee this afternoon I can give you a real one!  Or maybe he is just hoping for the prize that we are offering to the 1000th commenter on this here website.

P.P.S.  Many of you know we are trying to secure a mortgage for a house we love.  If we happen to secure it, we intend to close on it in the middle of next month.  With said plan, we will have a new address and will want to mail out address changes, as we plan to not to post our address on the internet.  So if you desire said address from us, please make sure I have your address to mail ours to you.  Plus who doesn’t love getting mail. With that said if your kids like to get mail, or you like for your kids to get mail, make sure you have listed who you want it addressed to with your submission.  One entry per household please.  Submissions may be sent to marcia at twodesk dot com

I Am Unable To Post The Answer From Last Month

Sorry about that.  I left it in my other computer.  Just so everyone knows, we were able to get a new car form the rental place, nicer, much NICER and at the same rate.  It has been a busy, busy month.  We were able to get to Kentucky for Megean and David’s wedding.  It was fun and busy.  Jacob ended up playing the piano for the ring ceremony.  Tomorrow will be one month of marriage for them, I hope they still like eachother 🙂  They are a cute couple and very photogenic.  Though I am not going to post pictures, I want them to be able to do that first.  We made it home safely and on the way we found a really cool outlet mall in Indiana.  We found tennis shoes that we have been looking for and like.  Right now we are sitting in a Panera waiting to go to the airport.  And we will be in SLC for the week!  We are alive, we are very busy.  as soon as we got back from Kentucky, we went to work, got sick (me from the preschool germs,a nd jacob from my germs from the preschool), we traveled all ovver the place, and we had both cars go very south on us, so we end up getting a new car.  Well, new to us, it is an old mssion car.  We both like it, which surprises both of us very much.  Life is good when we are working.  Oh, and I got my hair cut again.  Picture to come later, today or sometimethis week.  And some sort of a quiz, is forth comming too, you just can’t have the last one’s answer until we get back home.

Jacob Does Not Have A Tutu

Yesterday and today I found myself working at the preschool.  Lots of fun.  Here are some of the conversations:

I was asking some of the kids yesterday about how the weekend went for them.  A number of them talked about the ballon rally (an annual event in our town-pictures at the end as seen from the train station).

Boy M (3 years 5 months):  I had a mommy weekend and a daddy weekend

Me:  That sounds exhausting (not really sure what he ment by that)

Boy M:  Yeah… *sigh* it was.

Same Boy M and Girl L (4 years 1 month) were running around the room in the morning talking about how they were going to get married.  They came up to me and told me how excited they were to be getting married, I cogratulated them, and off they ran to Girl E (4 years 8 months-dressed as Cinderella) who promptly married them.  Right after they got married they came to me:

Girl L:  We just got married

Me:  Congratulations!  Are you excited?

Girl L: YES!

Boy M:  I love you!

Girl L:  I love you.

Boy M:  Now we can have a baby!

Me:  What are you going to do now?

Girl L:  We’re going to go out to get icecream!

At morning meeting Mr S was telling abouthow he saw some ants move from one side of his yard to the other side.  He had pictures and the kids were brainstorming why the ants may have moved. (This point in the school year they are talking bugs, insects and spiders.) Girl T (4 years 7 months) suggested that they moved “because they have legs.” Valid.  Then the teachers asked how many of them have moved ever, and how did they move their stuff, and why.  Boy A (4 years 6 months) said they moved “because we couldn’t afford the yucky house anymore.”

Today at the very start of the day some of the kids were playing in the sandbox-table-thing.  Girl T, same as above, was whining that other kids were playing too, and that she needed all the sand.  She used her whiny voice the whole conversation.

Me:  T did you get much sleep last night?

Girl T:   No, I didn’t!

Me:  Why not?

Girl T:  I was too excited for school.

I then explained to her why she needs to get good sleep at night before she comes to school so she can play nicely with her friends and share.  I noticed that a light bulb seemed to go off in her head, and she made effort to be nicer, but she was just cranky.  I asked what her mom says about sharing, her reply was, “that I need to be nice and not loud at nap time.”

While getting ready for morning meeting, Girl T came up to me holding out her hand in a fist…

Girl T:  I hurt my hand

Me: Well then, appologize to your hand.

Girl T: (leaning in to her hand) I’m sorry.

Me:  Give it a kiss

Girl T:  she kisses it and sits down like that made it all better

After Nap time ended I was playing counting games with Girl A (3 years 4 months):

Me:  1

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  2

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  3

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  In English, I don’t know Chinese.

Girl A:  (rolls her eyes)  one, two, three

Shortly after that, I was helping Boy M (from above) tie his shoes:

Boy M:  (lifts his pant leg)  look I have my pajamas on under my clothes

Me:  Is that so you can be warm, or so you don’t have to change clothes as much?

Boy M:  Yes.  Do you have pajamas on? (lifts up my pant leg, and dissapointed by not seening them)

Me:  No, but my pajamas have monkey’s on them.

Boy C (4 years 2 months):  Are you going to wear them on pajama day?

Me:  If I am here on Pajama Day, I will wear them.

Boy C:  Cool!  My Thomas (the Train)  shirt has words that glow in the dark.

Boy L (4 years 4 months):  My bed has Thomas on it.

Me:  My bed has stripes.  Blue and white stripes.

Boy C:  Cool, do the stripes glow in the dark?

Me: No, but I can ask my husband if he wants me to make them glow in the dark.

Boy C:  You have a HUSBAND? (very excited voice)

Me:  Yes

Boy C:  Did you marry one?

Me:  I married him and he became my husband.

Then the afternoon snack with the newlywedds from yesterday morning…

Girl L:  I’m gonna marry my boyfriend

Boy M:  I have a girlfriend

Me:  I thought you two got married yesterday

Girl L:  We did

Boy M:  pokes her arm, softly

Girl L:  DON’T touch ME

Mr S:  They ARE married, aren’t they?

A few minutes later Girl L declares that when she is grown up she wants to be a CHEERLEADER….

Me:  What an embarassing life’s ambition (not said to her, just another adult)


Happiness Is Homemade

Today is the day we put Rick and Ginny’s wedding announcements together. They are cute. She is glad though that we only get married one time! Too much work. For one day, perhaps I am projecting my latent Wedding preparation stress onto her. If she is lucky that is all there is to it. I don’t know, Ginny, is it stressful?

Also, I made the tart things again, I think they are good, but I will never loose weight if I keep making yummy foods. Ronda made cookies and Gavyn made brownies. We discovered that G2 and G3 are allergic to peanut butter cookies. A bit of Benedryl and the hives and rash go away. At least Gavyn can still have peanut butter.

Pictures coming if I get some from Ronda, I forgot my camera.