New Quiz

This is a piece of a bigger picture. I welcome one and all to guess at what it is. In one week I’ll give the answer, and post a new one. Good luck and may the guessing begin.

7 thoughts on “New Quiz”

  1. Matt says it looks like a candle. I will keep think about it. I think Geneva knows. She just won’t tell me. 😛 (I’m holding her right now and every time I ask her what it is she smiles.)

  2. To me it looks like a close up of an arm with two bracletts on it. I am sure I am wrong but it is fun to wonder about it!

  3. Hello kidos. I think it looks like a finger with wedding rings and a reflection of lights and dark hair.

  4. Um. Well. You told me to guess. And I still don’t have a clue….but I got a pretty good idea that it might involve a hamster. Is it a close up of..hamster…babies…on fire?

    K, seriously, I have no idea.

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