It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on this blog.  Thankfully, Marcia’s picture quizzes have kept it alive while I’ve been “away.”

I haven’t really been physically absent, I’ve just been in crazy finish-the-product-and-get-it-out-the-door mode for the last 3 weeks, finishing up a new version of the software that I write.  I finally finished it last week, then had to deal with some other problems early this week, and yesterday, March 14, we finally “shipped” version 5 of our software, the best version we’ve done yet.

So, without that hovering over me and keeping me chained to my computer for 20 hours a day (yes, there were several days last week when I got about 4 hours of sleep), I finally have some time to do some other things I’ve been putting off, like reading a few new books, cleaning my desk, and blogging.

You will be hearing much more from me in the coming weeks.

One thought on “Whew!”

  1. YAY!!! I’m glad you are “back” Jacob. Not that I don’t love “hearing” from you Marcia. 🙂

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