Say Cheese

Snow is still around, good for pictures! Though I still do not like to be cold.

I offered to take some pictures for Jason, Jessie, and Aiden playing in the snow, but Aiden is the only one crazy** enough to play in it. So this morning I got some cute shots of her.

This afternoon Rick and Ginny came over and I got lots of pictures of them in the snow. I hope there is at least one that they like enough to use. Rick was so cold and tired of having snowballs thrown at him, so we were unable to get a good one of a snowball in the air. I am sure I could photoshop one in there. Directly against Skyler’s orders I got some kissing pictures. He told them that they are not allowed to kiss anymore until they are married. He he he.

This evening I babysat for other friends, and while I was there the doorbell rang. All three kids*** ran to the door. I opened the door and there he was. In his red suit and white hair, it was Santa Clause. He looked a little concerned and asked if it was the Smith**** house. I said it is and he looked relived. He asked the kids if I was the babysitter and they shouted “yes.” He asked it they had been good, again the chorus of “yes.” And he said then he brought them a plate of cookies/goodies. He “Ho! Ho! Ho!” ‘d and hopped in his old white car and drove away. Then the 6 yr old girl asked if that was the real Santa? I not knowing quite what the parents’ take on the issue is, asked her what she thinks. She said she thinks it is the real Santa, and the 4 yr old boy said he thinks it isn’t, so I asked why he thinks that. He said, “Because he wasn’t wearing red and white striped boots.” I said he was wearing a red suit with white trim, and the girl said he was “wearing black boots, and that is what Santa wears.” He seemed satisfied with that. Then when I put them to bed the older two made me promise to “tell mom and dad that the real Santa was here.” I obliged.*****

*I am writing this after the fact as though it is current, and pre-dating my post. As it is my site, I reserve the right to do so.

**By crazy I mean young enough to not know it is a crazy idea

***2,4 & 6 I think

****Insert family surname here

*****The 2 year old, he just wanted candy from the plate, he didn’t seem to care who brought it.

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  1. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I really wasn’t freezing near as much as Ginny was. She just wasn’t quite as much a baby about it.

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