Our Belated Honeymoon Notable Pictures

<-- This is a really cool shot I took standing at the base of the St. Louis Arch. Then I turned the lens straight across to the other base for this shot.–>
That was our first night.

The next day we went to Union Station to watch the Fudgery Show. Amazingly we escaped the mall with little money spent, we did buy a really cool tie for Jacob.

Day three we went to the Science Center and unfortunately for us, most of the cool things were closed for repairs/remodeling. However there was a cool room that made Jacob look really small and myself really tall.

On day four we went to the zoo. No entrance fee, and we got there early enought to get free parking!!! We stayed till closing time and loved the 78 degree November day. I have already posted the funny video from the Ape House, but right before the woman said that, she and her 3 friends had just walked into the room.
<-- This silverback saw them and as soon as they stepped close to the glass, he lunged at them and stopped just short of hitting the window. They screamed and we all had a great laugh. The best part of it was the look he gave them.
We were walking and enjoying the animals and for a short time it was cool to think about Erin in Africa and how she got to see a giraffe up close when we have to stay so far from the animals. I think this is a really pretty creature.

Fifth day we went to the City Museum. In theory it is pretty cool, in reality too. Except for the fact that I am grossed out by dirty things…. It is a maze made of recyled objects, some is art-like and others just play equipment. I am sure that they clean it well, but because I know it is old “trash” it kind of creeps me out. That evening we saw Spam-A-Lot. That was a really cool show. Thanks DC for reccommending it.

We decided to extend our stay one more night and had a relaxing trip home on day six.