We said “yes!”

Ladies and gentlemen, US!

Here we are coming out of the LDS temple in Nauvoo, Illinois after our wedding this morning. The day was fun and wonderful but exhausting at the same time. We’re excited and ready to jump into this new adventure head first.

We’ll post more pictures when we get back from our honeymoon, but for now, this classic picture in front of the beautiful doors of the temple will have to do.

We would be remiss not to recognize the talents of our good friend Dan Tieken who is a talented photographer, nice guy, and all around wonderful human being. He took this picture and most of the other great pictures of our wedding day that we’ll be posting.

So, without further ado… Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Thurman.

For the last time

Last night when all was said and done, I went home alone… for the last time.

I slept in a bed by myself… for the last time.

I woke up alone… for the last time.

I wandered around the apartment half asleep and all by myself… for the last time.

And now I’m sitting here, alone, about 10 minutes from leaving for Nauvoo.  When I get back, I’ll be the proud husband of a wonderful wife.

So, this post is my eulogy and lament for the end of single life, which I absolutely enjoyed and encourage all and sundry to enjoy without reservation.  However, at the same time, this is the beginning of an exciting new adventure in my life, which is no longer just mine, it is ours.  Hers and mine. Us.  We.  Together.  Forever.
There is no one else in the world that could convince me to give up being single, but with her, I believe that being married will be even better.

And she’s worth it.

The official wedding invitation picture

Jacob and Marcia's wedding invitation pictureI’m very proud of us the last few days. We’ve actually managed to make decisions. We have a menu for the reception. We decided on decorations (which will nicely reflect the colors that she..er…we picked, even though I still can’t identify the exact shade of blue that is the key color of our wedding).

Perhaps most amazingly, however, we actually picked a wedding invitation picture! While the one in the invitation will be black and white, here’s the color version.

One of the things I like best about this picture is how it brings out the red highlights in Marcia’s hair.

More invitations…

We’ve almost completely settled on wording for the invitations. Here are a few things we’ve learned in the process:

  • The wedding announcement/invitation is always written in the third person. Saying “we would like to invite you…” is not traditionally appropriate (not to say it’s wrong, just not the traditional way of doing it).
  • In a formal wedding invitation, all numbers are to be written out except those in an address. That is, you write “Wednesday, the twenty-third of August,” but “2000 west Adams”
  • Actually, EVERYTHING is to be written out – no abbreviations. The address is “2000 West Adams street,” never “2000 W. Adams St.”
  • The proper format for a date takes two lines, with the year on the second line. It looks like this:
  • Wednesday, the twenty-third of August
    Two thousand and six

  • You’re not supposed to write “10:00 a.m.” or ” 6:00 p.m.” either. You write “ten o’clock in the morning” or “six o’clock in the evening.” Technically if it’s obvious, you don’t have to have the “in the evening,” but it’s probably a good idea anyway.
  • There’s an entire hierarchy of dress standards for these things. The problem is, most people don’t really know what’s appropriate for such occasions (I certainly didn’t!) because they don’t do these kind of events that often. Apparently, for any event after 6:00 pm, full dinner formals are appropriate. That is, tuxedos and floor-length evening gowns. Anyway, the usual heirarchy is: black tie, black tie optional, semi-formal, semi-casual, casual. “Black tie” means tuxedos and evening wear. “Black tie optional” means that there will be people in tuxedos and evening wear, and while you don’t have to wear something that formal, it would be appropriate, and you should dress accordingly. “Semi-formal” is basically tuxedos and business suits. This is probably what most people would equate with their “sunday best.” “Semi-casual” is things like trousers and button-down shirts with loafers, etc…. Finally, casual is whatever you want, come-as-you-are, jeans-and-a-t-shirt, sandals, etc…. While we want our reception to be classy, we also don’t want people to go renting tuxedos, so we’ve decided on semi-formal, encouraging people to dress their best without having to do anything crazy like spend money on clothes they’re going to wear once.
  • There’s one other classification of clothing, known as “white tie.” White tie is full formal. Tailcoat, white bow tie, etc… This is the ultimate in formal wear for men. If Marcia has her way (which she will), I’ll be dressed white tie for the reception. That’s fine with me – even though I don’t do it very often, I do enjoy looking good.
  • If the invitation is to a wedding held at a church, you use the phrase “request the honour of your presence.” If it’s held anywhere else, or the invitation is only to the reception and not the wedding itself, the correct wording is “request the pleasure of your company.”
  • Finally, when providing addresses to the location of the wedding or the reception, you never include the zip code, and following the above-stated rule of no abbreviations, write out the full name of the state.

I commented to Marcia yesterday that it’s a shame that when planning a wedding, there’s so much to learn, and you only use most of that knowledge once. Hopefully by writing it here, someone else can make use of what we’ve learned.


Wedding stuff today…

Today we started putting together the painfully long list of people to whome we intend to send wedding invitations. In about 30 minutes, we came up with roughly 200 people who will receive invitiations, and that’s without consulting our parents for lists of people that THEY want to notify. We’re making the invitations ourselves (correction: Marcia is making the invitations herself), so we bought supplies to do 300 announcements. Hopefully that will be more than enough, but if not we can always get more.

I have been tasked with shopping around to find the best price on getting pictures printed. There is an abundance of very nice digital cameras among our family and friends, as well as a few talented photographers, so for the announcement pictures we’re simply going to take them ourselves digitally and have them printed at a professional shop. Here’s what I’ve discovered: Walmart’s photo counter prints 4×6 photos for $0.19 each if you are getting more than 50. The relatively new online service Shutterfly charges the same 19 cents as their base rate, and the prices go down from there as you order in bulk. Buy 200 prints and they’re $0.15. Get 400 prints and they’re $0.14. The question is whether shipping makes up for it and still makes Walmart more economical.

Finally, last night in a fit of work avoidance curiousity I googled for “wedding blogs,” and found that Scott Adams, creator of the very funny Dilbert comic strip, recently got married. He astutely observed that when you take a product and attach the word “wedding” to it, you get to triple its price.

That’s why we bought the supplies for our wedding invitations at Staples and a scrapbooking store – no “wedding” stuff in sight there.

Thank goodness.