The official wedding invitation picture

Jacob and Marcia's wedding invitation pictureI’m very proud of us the last few days. We’ve actually managed to make decisions. We have a menu for the reception. We decided on decorations (which will nicely reflect the colors that…we picked, even though I still can’t identify the exact shade of blue that is the key color of our wedding).

Perhaps most amazingly, however, we actually picked a wedding invitation picture! While the one in the invitation will be black and white, here’s the color version.

One of the things I like best about this picture is how it brings out the red highlights in Marcia’s hair.

3 thoughts on “The official wedding invitation picture”

  1. I LOVE that picture!! I also enjoy this site. It is nice to keep up with you guys and feel a little involved in your lives even though we are so far away. I hope things are going great.
    Also, I like the hightlights in Marcia’s hair too but I think black and white will be sweet also.

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