Little Orphan Annie

Is responsible for a number of my obsessions.  Red Hair.  Curly hair.  Twirly dresses.  Calling dogs “dumb.”  Bald heads*.

Tonight as I was trying to feel better**, I curled up on the couch to watch “comfort movies.”  One of which was Annie.  It reminded me how much I loved the music, still do.  And it got mee to thinking about how I used to have an Annie dress, not the one she wears in the movie, but one with her and Sandy and a rainbow, all over it.  I have no idea what the rainbow was about since I didn’t see one in the movie, but I had matching hair barrettes.  I remember being very sad when I was no longer able to wear it.

When the movie was over, I checked the audio options, as I like to do, and was pleased to see that I can watch it in Spanish!  I like the song translations***.

And my wonderful husband**** surprised mee with roses when he returned from Stake meetings this evening.

*So, I may not be obsessed with “bald heads” but I sure do think little old men are adorable, and I love when babies (boys) look like little old men.  Weird I know, but it is mee.
**I am suffering from a crazy sinus infection.  Mostly bothers mee overnight, however it has mee coughing and sneezing and feeling pretty crumby.
***I foresee my memorizing them in the future.
****I sure do think he is swell!

Our story

Marcia decided that we are going to start keeping a family journal.  I think this is a great idea, except she keeps insisting that we can’t actually start it until I write my version of how we met and fell in love and got married. Every time I sit down to start writing that story (and while she won’t believe me, I have started many times), I realize that there needs to be even more back story, and I give up and scrap what I’ve written.

So tonight, I decided to take a different approach and instead of writing a novel, I started writing it in the style of a children’s book. Marcia rejected it for inclusion in the family journal, so here it is:

How we Met

One day in church there was a pretty girl named Marcia.  We skipped a church dance together and walked around outside.  I liked her.  We went back to her apartment and…

played cards.

Then I went on a mission.

Then she went on a mission.

Then I got back.

Then she got back.

Then we dated for like 5 years.

Then she moved away.

And I missed her.

So I asked her to marry me.

She said yes.

And we got married.

And I liked it.


I wouldn’t look for it in the Scholastic book catalog any time soon.

Happy Two Years Two Us

I had two work at the preschool twoday.  It was fun.  Maybe twomorrow I will be up two telling stories.  Twoday Jacob surprised me by showing up with a dozen pretty pink roses.  Making all the Girls that work there say, “Aawww!”  I was impressed two.

We went out two eat.  We had not tried the restaurant yet, and had heard mixed reviews.  It was ok.  I have leftovers two eat later or for dinner twomorrow.  And two commemorate the day we took a picture of ourselves.  I love you!

If we can manage it, this picture intends two make it intwo the rotation in the poloroid frame.

Oh, and we voted, though Jacob did not get a sticker.

Jacob Does Not Have A Tutu

Yesterday and today I found myself working at the preschool.  Lots of fun.  Here are some of the conversations:

I was asking some of the kids yesterday about how the weekend went for them.  A number of them talked about the ballon rally (an annual event in our town-pictures at the end as seen from the train station).

Boy M (3 years 5 months):  I had a mommy weekend and a daddy weekend

Me:  That sounds exhausting (not really sure what he ment by that)

Boy M:  Yeah… *sigh* it was.

Same Boy M and Girl L (4 years 1 month) were running around the room in the morning talking about how they were going to get married.  They came up to me and told me how excited they were to be getting married, I cogratulated them, and off they ran to Girl E (4 years 8 months-dressed as Cinderella) who promptly married them.  Right after they got married they came to me:

Girl L:  We just got married

Me:  Congratulations!  Are you excited?

Girl L: YES!

Boy M:  I love you!

Girl L:  I love you.

Boy M:  Now we can have a baby!

Me:  What are you going to do now?

Girl L:  We’re going to go out to get icecream!

At morning meeting Mr S was telling abouthow he saw some ants move from one side of his yard to the other side.  He had pictures and the kids were brainstorming why the ants may have moved. (This point in the school year they are talking bugs, insects and spiders.) Girl T (4 years 7 months) suggested that they moved “because they have legs.” Valid.  Then the teachers asked how many of them have moved ever, and how did they move their stuff, and why.  Boy A (4 years 6 months) said they moved “because we couldn’t afford the yucky house anymore.”

Today at the very start of the day some of the kids were playing in the sandbox-table-thing.  Girl T, same as above, was whining that other kids were playing too, and that she needed all the sand.  She used her whiny voice the whole conversation.

Me:  T did you get much sleep last night?

Girl T:   No, I didn’t!

Me:  Why not?

Girl T:  I was too excited for school.

I then explained to her why she needs to get good sleep at night before she comes to school so she can play nicely with her friends and share.  I noticed that a light bulb seemed to go off in her head, and she made effort to be nicer, but she was just cranky.  I asked what her mom says about sharing, her reply was, “that I need to be nice and not loud at nap time.”

While getting ready for morning meeting, Girl T came up to me holding out her hand in a fist…

Girl T:  I hurt my hand

Me: Well then, appologize to your hand.

Girl T: (leaning in to her hand) I’m sorry.

Me:  Give it a kiss

Girl T:  she kisses it and sits down like that made it all better

After Nap time ended I was playing counting games with Girl A (3 years 4 months):

Me:  1

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  2

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  3

Girl A:  Chinese

Me:  In English, I don’t know Chinese.

Girl A:  (rolls her eyes)  one, two, three

Shortly after that, I was helping Boy M (from above) tie his shoes:

Boy M:  (lifts his pant leg)  look I have my pajamas on under my clothes

Me:  Is that so you can be warm, or so you don’t have to change clothes as much?

Boy M:  Yes.  Do you have pajamas on? (lifts up my pant leg, and dissapointed by not seening them)

Me:  No, but my pajamas have monkey’s on them.

Boy C (4 years 2 months):  Are you going to wear them on pajama day?

Me:  If I am here on Pajama Day, I will wear them.

Boy C:  Cool!  My Thomas (the Train)  shirt has words that glow in the dark.

Boy L (4 years 4 months):  My bed has Thomas on it.

Me:  My bed has stripes.  Blue and white stripes.

Boy C:  Cool, do the stripes glow in the dark?

Me: No, but I can ask my husband if he wants me to make them glow in the dark.

Boy C:  You have a HUSBAND? (very excited voice)

Me:  Yes

Boy C:  Did you marry one?

Me:  I married him and he became my husband.

Then the afternoon snack with the newlywedds from yesterday morning…

Girl L:  I’m gonna marry my boyfriend

Boy M:  I have a girlfriend

Me:  I thought you two got married yesterday

Girl L:  We did

Boy M:  pokes her arm, softly

Girl L:  DON’T touch ME

Mr S:  They ARE married, aren’t they?

A few minutes later Girl L declares that when she is grown up she wants to be a CHEERLEADER….

Me:  What an embarassing life’s ambition (not said to her, just another adult)


What happens in bed…

When we started this blog, I promised that I would never post about what happens in bed.

Today, I’m breaking that promise.

This has been a busy work week for me, and I’ve been up very late solving problems and doing the general geeky stuff that I do.  Last night, I didn’t get to bed until around 3:00AM.  Marcia had gone to bed around 11:00.

I had turned on the hall light, not wanting to disturb Marcia, and was quietly changing into my pajamas, when she started laughing.  Loudly.  Hysterically.

At first I wondered if I had a hole in my pants or something, but when I looked over at her, I could tell she was completely asleep.  I have heard of people talking in their sleep (indeed, I have heard you-know-who talking in her sleep), but laughing so uncontrollably in her sleep is a new one.

I had to try: “Honey, what’s so funny?”

Another outburst of laughter, and then she rolled over and it was over.

I never did find out what was so funny, but at least she was happy.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Karen was hired to take wedding photos for a young couple. I went as her assistant. The day started out cold but no wind**. By the time the wedding was over the wind was blowing hard***. We got some pretty good shots. I hope they are pleased with the results. I saw six brides today, and I understand that there were more before we got there.

The snow was crazy again today. It is days like this that make me wonder why Al Gore invented global warming, and why doesn’t it seem to work? It was anything but warm today.

Three of today’s brides.

*I am writing this after the fact as though it is current, and pre-dating my post. As it is my site, I reserve the right to do so.

**So it was relatively nice.

***That was not so nice.