Little Orphan Annie

Is responsible for a number of my obsessions.  Red Hair.  Curly hair.  Twirly dresses.  Calling dogs “dumb.”  Bald heads*.

Tonight as I was trying to feel better**, I curled up on the couch to watch “comfort movies.”  One of which was Annie.  It reminded me how much I loved the music, still do.  And it got mee to thinking about how I used to have an Annie dress, not the one she wears in the movie, but one with her and Sandy and a rainbow, all over it.  I have no idea what the rainbow was about since I didn’t see one in the movie, but I had matching hair barrettes.  I remember being very sad when I was no longer able to wear it.

When the movie was over, I checked the audio options, as I like to do, and was pleased to see that I can watch it in Spanish!  I like the song translations***.

And my wonderful husband**** surprised mee with roses when he returned from Stake meetings this evening.

*So, I may not be obsessed with “bald heads” but I sure do think little old men are adorable, and I love when babies (boys) look like little old men.  Weird I know, but it is mee.
**I am suffering from a crazy sinus infection.  Mostly bothers mee overnight, however it has mee coughing and sneezing and feeling pretty crumby.
***I foresee my memorizing them in the future.
****I sure do think he is swell!

2 thoughts on “Little Orphan Annie”

  1. I hope you are feeling better.

    I was looking to see if our library has Annie, and it doesn’t. 🙁

    I think your husband is pretty swell too. 🙂

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