Halloween, or my favorite holiday

I seriously need about 12 of these dress up days a year, one a month would be a lot of fun for me.  Jacob on the other hand would not really enjoy costuming once a month.  In fact, I was unable to get him to dress up, even to be a butcher and carry a fake meat cleaver…to go with my swine flu (I was so excited about this one!):


Sitting outside to hand out candy (what was up with only 30 minutes of trick or treating?):


And my tail closer-up (it may very well be my favorite part of the costume):


With out my snout (like when I had to get a drink or eat):


My eyes, simply because I like this picture:


The scary (lunging) monster that made a little girl cry:


It also got a “What the fff…?” by a boy about 12-13 years old, that caught himself, and then I told him he should not know that word.  And I think Loana Deveraux had to go change her drawrs after her encounter with the monster….  Here she is, or was?


Here are cookies I made using the cookie press (for the first time ever) that Jessie gave me because she never used it:


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