I do not like feeling crazy

I have missplaced a basket.

It is white.

It is round.

It has three handle spots.

It helps me with my laundry.

I miss it.

If you have seen me with it in the last month, please let me know.

It makes me feel insane.

It is not in my house or my car.

Please come back, basket.  I promise to fill you up.

4 thoughts on “I do not like feeling crazy”

  1. I know the feeling, all too well. It is probably sitting 6-13 feet from you right now with something covering it that shouldn’t be able to cover it. just take a deep breath, turn around and you will find it. It never works for me, but I don’t follow these steps either. good luck!

  2. I have not found the hiding spot. It makes me sad. I even went to see about a replacement, and the store does not have any. they do no even have a spot for them! That makes me even more sad.

  3. I bet it is somewhere, but with stuff in it. You need an outside non-interested party to come look, they will most likely find it within minutes.

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