I got a new bracelet

And boy am I glad we pay for mee to have nice insurance.  (I would like to not have to pay so much, but still glad we can have it.)  Playing volleyball tonight I happened to attract the volleyball with the left side of my jaw.  I seem to attract the ball to my self often.  Just like any other time, I thought I was fine.  Then I opened my mouth and tried to close it again.  I was wrong.  The right side of my jaw was bad.  Very tearful.  I waited till our next between plays and “sneaked” out of the game.  My plan was to get a drink of water and cry in solitude till the pain subsided.  And with my luck, in walks our friendly doctor friend who asked how I was, and what I was feeling.  He called over to the ER for advice and suggested we (Jacob and I) go over.  So, over we went.  They had mee sit in a room and answer health history questions, and then after about half an hour sent me to get an x-ray of my head to check for broken bones or dislocated jaw.  After 20 more minutes they came back and told me I am not broken, just bruised.  That I need to take Tylenol, keep ice on my jaw, and stay away from chewy foods for a couple/few days till I am not hurting anymore, also to lay off volleyball for a while.  And of course if my jaw gets more painful or if I start to swell, or anything else really bad, to call and follow-up, either there or to my dentist.  The worst part of it all was when they would ask mee “On a scale of 0-10 how bad does it hurt?”  I did not know what to answer, and there were no charts around telling mee what the varying numbers meant.  At least not until after they had already taken all my info and had mee sitting and waiting for x-ray.  They need to make more (and bigger) copies of that chart and have them all over the place.  Or perhaps make wallpaper that is just the pain-ranking-chart repeated.  That would be helpful!

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