I keep saying I will do it and finally I did it

What is it?

This morning I decided that since it did not look like rain, I would mow the yard. I got out the mower for the first time this season.

It has rained way too much.

The sun has been peeking through the clouds intermittently.

The grass has been growing. A lot.

So, out came the mower.

I checked the oil. Good. I checked the gas. Filled it up. I pulled the cord. No go.

I pulled again. It wouldn’t pull as far as the first time. With my right hand on the dead-man’s bar, left hand pulling the cord, I braced myself with my left foot on the ground, and my right foot on the lower handle bar to keep it from rolling backwards. The start cord pulled out, but would not start. A couple more tries and the handle on the start cord rips out of my hand and hits my right ankle. I may have chipped a bone in my ankle. I hope not. It may just be a bad bruise. It does hurt a lot. A lot!

I sat down and cried until I was able to talk myself into trying to walk on it. I got up and while it hurts, I still had to mow the yard.

There was a ton of grass. Here is a picture of the edge where I mowed, though it does not show just how steep the yard is.


I finished and sat down. And it really baffles me how my ankle that hurts excruciatingly when I am sitting can be totally forgotten while I am mowing on steep inclines. I got out an ice-pack and put it on my ankle. I sat in a camping chair and propped my foot up on the other chair. The sun felt great and I relaxed.

And finally, I took a nap in the spring-time sun. Just makes me excited for the real summer sun.

4 thoughts on “I keep saying I will do it and finally I did it”

  1. I know i shoulda come over and done did it for ya. Well maybe next time, or sometime. Mowers are dangerouse thingers, I know from the research that I have done. thinking about it, I think that I have had a simular experience getting wacked by a pull choard. But I don’t think that my foot was up on the mower. Take care.

  2. Just to let everyone know, it hurts quite a bit less today, I am fairly sure it is just a bad bruise.

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