It has been replaced

Anybody remember this post?  Well, I do, every time I want to do laundry.

Last week for Family Home Evening we ate at a place that we like, we may even love it (though we do not call it home, so it should have been called Family out evening).  After we ate we decided to walk around a nearby store and see what we could see.  Not really interested in spending any monies, we just wanted to walk off some of what we had eaten.  Out of the blue, Jacob was pointing and telling mee to “Look!”  It was the basket that I have not been able to find in this town for over a year.  We bought two.  And sooner rather than later they will be marked with our name so that if any leave our house for some reason, they will be able to come back home.

We still are not sure how the old basket walked off, or why, but we have replaced it.  However, if it returns to us, we will welcome it into our home again, just as before.  No questions asked, at least not too many questions asked.