One month ago I recieved a text message.  This is what it said:

Kayla it riff wat up?

That was it, I do not know the sender. But it does stir some questions in my mind.  Like, is riff the name of the guy?  Is that the whole name, or is it short for something?  What could it be short for?  And if it is the whole name, what were his parents smoking when they decided on that?  The world may never know.  Unless of course this guy happens upon my blog and answers the questions above, that too would help him know that he got the wrong number, and I (by “I” I mean Kayla) am not just ignoring him.

On yet another random tangent.  Every so often, on a Monday, I get a call for a Jane or Shayne.  It is hard to understand these guys in their weird hung-over states.  Some of them are still pretty drunk when making the calls.  So this girl is going out and giving out “her” number, which really happens to be mine.

I have had this same number since January 2004.  I doubt it is left over callings from the previous owner, especially since it started about a year and a half ago.  Though this was my first random text message.

5 thoughts on “Random”

  1. I that is you Ginny, you have found a great voice converter! And you probably ought to lay off the sauce…

  2. That’s pretty funny.

    Matt gets calls every so often from one of the schools here in town asking about different students (I don’t think it’s always the same one). He keeps telling them they have the wrong number but it keeps happening.

  3. I get random text messages. I will have to send the next one to you so you can help me figure out who has the wrong number!!

  4. Oh yes–and your comments with Ginny are killing me! Literally–that is. My ribs still hurt from my Sunday morning migraine episodes of trying to remove my stomach contents. I will have to reread this when I can laugh again!!

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