Some people’s children

We had to run to the store for some items, and while we were waiting to check out the line got really long. I am talking there were 11 carts/baskets in line, counting the person at the check out.  That person was splitting the order on 3 tickets.  WIC, foodstamps, and check.  I have no problem with the programs, they are there for people who need them, I only mention them so you know how long it took, because there is paperwork involved.  There was only one cash register open.

Here is the point of this post.  As the lady is making her purchase, the kid with her was looking at the “impulse buy” items.  No big deal, I do it too.  That kid was probably about 15 years old.  The item he seemed to enjoy most was a laser pointer.  He would look around to see if anyone was watching, cover the pointer so people “couldn’t see what it was” and hold it up to his eye and push the button.  He did this a few times and then switched eyes.  Each time he grimaced in pain, then continued.  He ended up walking out of the store holding his eye in pain.

Do people not realize that a laser can be very bad for the eyes?  It even has warnings written on the product and the packaging.

4 thoughts on “Some people’s children”

  1. Some people do things just because they can and if it is not suppose to happen then they are more apt to do it anyway. I hope there weren’t any little children around to see him and try it themselves.

  2. Did he seem to have all of his faculties about him, maybe he has poor eyesight and thought that he could do the corrective procedure in the checkout lane?

  3. I had a thought also, could you tell if he actually turned it on, usually the lasers are non-useable when in the package, and he was just putting on a show for the “crowd,” hopeing that he would make your blog. 😛

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