We got to see and hear little Copyright

If you were not able to get your guess posted, you still have time.  Like 3 months* to make your guess.

Little Copyright was not as cooperative as we would have liked.  So, no, we still do not know if this baby is a boy or a girl**.  Copyright kept legs closed and while we did not learn that, we did learn other things.

We learned that this child is definitely ours***.  This child is modest (takes after mom).  This child is stubborn (takes after dad, okay takes after mom too).  This child is healthy.  All the other parts were there, in their proper places, and measured well.  Heart beats properly.

I had to laugh as we saw the baby’s face.  Copyright was sucking, and as a result we saw the tongue go in and out.  It was like it was sticking its tongue out at us for wanting to know the sex.  In all seriousness, it was really cool to watch.

*Unless we can find a way to have another ultrasound somewhere before that.  Preferably not very costly, and if at all possible some 3D ultrasounds would be fun to see.
**Which totally presents us with the enormous challenge of agreeing on names for both a boy and a girl.  We were hoping to only have to figure out one name.
***This child is not a lizard.

6 thoughts on “We got to see and hear little Copyright”

  1. I am sure Copyright is sticking his/her tongue out as I type this. Now, one hour later than hoped for, Copyright is moving a lot.

  2. How cute! Isn’t it amazing that there is a human being inside you? It’s one of God’s greatest miracles! Even after my 3 kids I’m still amazed everytime I get an ultrasound! My daughter was super stubborn and we had to get 3 ultrasounds before we found out she was a girl…. so I’m gonna guess you’re having a girl! 🙂 Either way, it will be the joy of your life! Motherhood is the best blessing/responsibility you can have! Loves to you and contrite!

  3. That little rascal! As much as I’ve never been able to wait to find out, I’ve always thought it would cool to be surprised at birth! Of course, it’s a surprise whenever you find out… I’m guessin’ you’ve got a little girl in there!

  4. I’m not good at this guessing game. I wouldn’t want Copyrght to find out I guessed wrong and think that I wanted the opposite of his/her gender. I have so much fun with all of my grandchildren that I don’t have a preference.
    So I will guess a boy.

  5. Now just so I will have better odds I am changing my guess to a girl. Does this cancel out my other guess and I don’t have a vote?

  6. Sounds like copyright is a girl. My personal experience is that girls like to keep there legs closed in ultrasounds and boy like to let it all hang out. Either way I know he/she will be well loved and very very talented with parents like you.

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