Here is a picture of my current condition.  26 weeks.

2010 08 31 26weeks bellyshot

Funny story.  A few days ago, I was standing next to Jacob.  He was sitting on his computer chair.  I turned to walk away, and hit him with my belly.  I wonder if I will get used to this belly sticking out so far.  And if I do, I wonder how long it will take to get used to not having such a big belly after Copyright is born.  Time will tell.

Today was a productive sewing day.  I was able to sew a dress, I had already cut it out.  And I was able to turn a t-shirt into a half-shirt (someone makes and sells them as half-tees, I think).  I have heard great reviews on them, and so I decided to make one and see what I think.  I think it will work well for layering.

4 thoughts on “Ch…ch…ch…changes”

  1. Marcia, you are lookin’ GOOOOD! I’m so excited to find out more about little Copyright 😀 Great job on the sewing, too. I would love to be talented in that area. I should just get a sewing machine and try, at least. Keep us posted with more cute pics of you and Copyright, please!

  2. You shouldn’t beat your husband so much. Seems like little coppywright has tried to go on vacation without you, you didn’t seem to stick out near as far last I sawr you, it hasn’t been that long has it?

  3. By the time you used to the belly I think you will be happy to not have it, if that makes any sense. Let me know how the half-tees works, I might want you to teach me how to do them.

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