Belly shot (not that kind)

Here I am this evening at 24 weeks.


You can’t really see it in this picture, but I am wearing my rubber chicken earrings.


Q:  How are you feeling?

A:  Hungry.  Tired.  Gotta pee.  So mostly good!  (However, not as tired as I once was.)

Q:  How many weeks are you?

A:  Today marks 24 weeks (LMP) however, gestationally 22 weeks.  It is weird, and can be confusing.  LMP stands for last menstrual period.  Ovulation, and therefore conception does not occur for (an average of) two weeks after that.  So while we are told that we are at 24 weeks, Copyright has only been in there for 22 weeks.

Q:  Have you felt the baby move/kick?

A:  Yes, yes I have.  I thought I was feeling something for a while, and then because I have never been through this before, I was doubting what I was feeling.  And then what I felt was more obvious at 21 1/2 weeks.  A few days later I was trying to hear for a heart beat with the stethoscope, and must have been crowding little Copyright, because there was a strong movement that pushed the stethoscope over.  A week later I was able to place Jacob’s hand on my abdomen and He was able to feel baby movements.  There have been stronger and more movements in the short weeks that followed.  When I lay down, we can see movements with our eyes.  We try to use the stethoscope to listen for the heartbeat, but we are not as skilled at that.  We do have a thing-basically an electronic stethoscope-and we heard the “whooshing” that is Copyright’s heart and last night I decided that we should try again, and we heard the heartbeat pretty strongly.  This time it was more like the thumping of my heart, and less like the whooshing from before, however we know it was not mine, because we could still hear my heartbeat as well.  So that was pretty neat.

Q:  Why do you call the baby Copyright 2010?

A:  Well, this baby is uniquely made from us, and so the “copyright” part.  And this baby was started and will be born in 2010.  And we felt that we wanted a “name” so we are not always calling the baby “the baby” or “it” or “he or she.”

Q:  How many are in there?

A:  We are assuming there is only one in there.  We will find out for sure next week.  This is also the appointment that we will learn if we are getting a he or a she.  Also, the dreaded glucose testing appointment.

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