There is hope for this world yet

I was running some errands, and needed to get some salsa.  Jacob loves salsa and we were out of it.  I went to get the White Corn and Black Bean salsa because he likes it.  Today, it was on the top shelf, and pushed all the way back.  I am short.  I stood on the tips of my toes, and reached.  I could not even touch a jar.  So I took a few steps back to survey the scene.  Would the bottom shelf or two be sturdy enough to hold mee?  How much would I get hurt if it would not hold mee?  Does Jacob really need salsa?

At this point another shopper man came over and asked if I would like some assistance.  I admitted it would be great.  He got on his toes (also not that tall).  Reached and pulled down the first jar he could get.  It was covered in dried/sticky salsa.  He offered to get mee a clean one.  I appreciate that even people who don’t know mee also want clean products.  He asked if there was anything else I needed.  I told him there was not and thanked him.  The teenage boy with him was “patient,” his body language indicated that this is a regular occurrence with his dad(?).  It made mee tear up as I walked on to find bread.  They were happy tears.  I am so glad to know that people are still willing to help a person they do not know, and (at least by example) are teaching the next generation how to be kind to others.

Thank you kind sir, you are a gentleman!

4 thoughts on “There is hope for this world yet”

  1. First I want to say, that is Matt’s favorite salsa. We almost always have at least one jar in the house.

    Second, it always makes me happy to see people helping others. I think it is important for everyone to see those acts of kindness. That is why when I am able and see a need I make sure to do what I can to help out, because I want my children to know that it is important. I want them to know that just because I am a mother I am not exempt from being kind and helpful to other people.

  2. Well for the last two posts, we have either seen that there is a difference between male and female shoppers or a difference in the two different stores you patronize if that is the case.
    Also I like to here of people helping my female realatives when they are in distress when I am not able to help.

  3. Rick, there may or may not be a correlation. The first post was from an experience at Dollar Tree. That is where I found my really cool Incredible Hulk toothbrush (I also found a neat Spider-man one), and I wanted to have a back-up in case I drop it. I tend to do that a lot.
    This post happened at Walmart. I know some parts of this country have reputations of Walmart being grimy and horrible, however, not here. I know we still get our fair share of unique individuals (especially the week before Independence Day and the 3-5 days before the university fall semester starts up) but it is not the scary place some areas think it to be.

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