Boy or Girl?

We asked and we got permission to have our exploratory ultrasound in one weeks time.  So, while they are checking everything out and making sure all the parts are in the right places and working well, we hope to see if ©2012 is a boy or a girl. We invite you to make your guess now. After we find out we will reveal the answer.

In an effort to help you make a guess, you might like to know that I (Marcia) am a GIRL, Jacob is a BOY, ©2010 is a GIRL.

Is ©2012 a BOY or GIRL?

10 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?”

  1. Ummmmmmm I vote boy!!!!!!! Although I must admit I am sometimes wrong, so whatever you have will be wonderful!

  2. I’m guessing that you’ll give birth to a sibling. More specifically, Marcia’s sibling. And I’m thinking maybe a brother. Or a sister. I’m not psychic, what do I know?

  3. It’s hard to guess without being around you but I will guess boy! Either will be adorable : )

  4. Mar©ia said “napkin” when we asked her. Elder Ames guessed girl and Elder Tripp guessed boy.

  5. G4 says Mar©ia will have a little brother (she is very adamant about this fact)
    G3 says the baby will be a girl
    G2 says you will be having a girl
    G1 says a boy

    I am guessing boy, but I may change my guess at the end of this week. 😛

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